Turn Your Facebook & Twitter into a real website & mobile site on a domain; Get more exposure and SEO

Do you know that you can convert your Tweets (on your Twitter handles) and Facebook into a real website on any domain of your choice or a free sub domain!?

Do not worry, your online social reputation or simply Twitter account and Facebook ID will remain as-it-is, they will never be destroyed, this is an ADDITIONAL feature that your Tweets and Facebook would now also surface on your own domain and a mobile website,

Why should I turn my Tweets and FB into a website?

Nice thought! Well, to get more exposure to your content, blog, audio, video etc. you should have a top level domain which is crawled and ranked by the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. so your content has a good SEO and thus traffic,

By converting your social streams into a website over a domain would be crawled by search engines, which will give you some nice traffic and if you like to monetize them, than of-course additional funds, not bad : )

How to convert your Tweets into a website, which is good for SEO?

See our Twitter handle @talkfree7, how good it looks on a free sub domain at Twylah.com: http://twylah.com/talkfree7  Google and search engines crawl them and our Tweets now surface in organic search results : ) 

How to convert your Facebook account into a website and mobile site on your custom domain or a free sub-domain:

Exai.com is a website builder or a place to start with it is a freemium model, you can get your Facebook turned into a free sub domain in minutes and if you like to have it on a custom domain than pay some premium, buy a package and get all the benefits of SEO and worldwide exposure to it as your new ‘Facebook site’ would be indexed and crawl able by Google, Bing etc.

Look our this blog: //zyxaw.com how its Facebook pages looks on a free sub-domain: http://zyxaw.exai.com/highlights/january-2013 it is created only in 2-3 minutes of our Facebook account!! Nothing technical thing is to do, it is equally good for the idiots too, no need to know the web designing, CSS, HTML or Java coding etc.

This is just plug and play and what you see, what you get model. Enjoy, have fun, traffic and money!


Anonymous said...

oh this is wonderfull !!!!!

Unknown said...

Very helpful post, thank you! I have little home-based business and I always wanted to get a website but thought it will be too complicated and expensive.. this is good!

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