GPS based iOS Weather App, provides real-time, short span, accurate forecast

A wonderful and high-resolution GPS based, real-time weather radar display app for iOS

You may be using any or some good weather app on your smart phones, but ‘Dark Skylocation based / GPS weather app for Apple iOS gadgets is something different, and is a paid app and comes for $ 3.99.
The Dark Sky weather app (in real-time) could be used on Apple iOS devices viz. iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to predict the weather and its real-time forecast on the Go, this was a Kick-starter project which was smartly funded : )

The wonderful radar animation lets you watch the actual and correct path of storm, hailstorm, Twister, clouds, nature’s fury etc. this is really mind-blowing, when you see this app in action,

Beat the meteorologists with this Apple app to know the short term weather in next 60 minutes or so for your exact location

GPS based iOS Weather App, provides real-time, accurate forecast
GPS based iOS Weather App, provides real-time, accurate forecast
This iOS weather app surely will disrupt the traditional weatherman reports or forecasts; this seems to be the accurate one and wonderful app out there,

Worth a download and use, next time when you have to move somewhere, just use Dark Sky app, before you go, and you will be very happy, to know short term weather prediction on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, rather than a weekly weather projection

They say:

Using GPS, Dark Sky is able to create forecasts for your precise location. And because Dark Sky focuses on the next hour, we are able to give you minute-to-minute predictions.

Right now this app is good only for the weather in USA, not out of USA, due to certain limitations,

Mashable reports:

It just offers short-term, hyper local forecasts. Using the app, you can find out if it will rain or snow in the next 15 minutes in your given location. Moreover, you can find out how long it is projected to rain and look at real-time radar maps.


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