They say Samsung’s Android dominance makes Google uncomfortable, foolish reasons behind!?

Is Google worried by Samsung's hardware selling spree and using its Android mobile OS over its hardware?

In this materialistic world, where the size matters, big seems to be always good and everyone seems to be indulged in a cut-throat competition to take on  the other’s hold,

No doubt we all want to grow our presence and that of our businesses too, but reportedly Google seems to be worried by the unchecked and telescopic dominance of  Samsung’s hardware sales, which currently sells nearly 40 to 42% of Android OS based mobile phones and tablets, (FYI: Android is Google’s OS for cell phones and tablets),

The Google should be happy that its Android software is creating waves in smart cell phones, but instead some blogs say that Google is worried, but why, the reasons could be few:

  1. Losses of revenues: Google uses web ads revenue and mobile ads (Adsense money) to make money, and reportedly shares some revenues with Samsung, but few tech bloggers fears if Samsung would grow more, with Android software, they may demand a bigger share with Google?! Snatch Google Play or may take away Android’s customers to its own or a new mobile OS in future (I think, a customer is never loyal to anyone except but of a nice technology) … But I think this presumption is absurd and childish, first, Google do not think small, after all they are GOOGLE, they grow big and help others grow big too, this is their taste, Second, if Android is getting big, ultimately it will earn more, eventually than Google should not have any problem, even if (hypothetically) Samsung demands higher percentage of revenue, ultimately the net income would still grow, and Samsung is not going to dominate or overtake Google (they have all different businesses), so this story only stands in the very minds of few bogus bloggers!
  2. Google’s stocks/share may get a big fall? If Samsung pulled away Android of its hardware (mobiles, tablets, Galaxy digital camera etc.)? … do not seems to be a near possibility, ultimately Samsung could never escape Google, even if they retire Android, they have to use Google search, Google maps, Google Earth, YouTube and many more things on their tablets and smart mobiles, people love Google products, they are widely popular and very hard to replace, Google is a habit like Facebook is a hobby : )
  3. South Korean Samsung could develop its own ad network, exclusive mobile OS or may use its existing BADA mobile OS on its hardware extensively, a day?! … My stand on this is again absurd, if Samsung has to do this, than why they use Android, they always can use exclusively their native mobile OS BADA on their handsets, but they use Android widespread and Windows phone OS too, so Samsung basically is a hardware manufacturer who believes in Android and they believe in growing peacefully with Google or MS Windows phone mobile OS they believe in meeting of Titans and power of sharing success, unlike Apple Inc. who prefers to go alone with its proprietary mobile OS: the iOS!
FYI: Wikipedia describes:
Samsung uses its own Bada operating system, in parallel with Google Android OS and Microsoft Windows Phone, for its smart phones….All Bada-powered devices are branded under the Wave name, as Samsung's Android-powered devices are branded under the name Galaxy.”
  1. Motorola Mobility: another hypothetical theory by so called, mobile experts and telecom Pundits, they say Google’s recent merger of Motorola mobility (for patents use) will save Google, if / when Samsung will grow bigger with Android and if it demands more revenues or may be leave Google one day, than perhaps Google may use Motorola Mobility hardware expertise under its own branding?! … Who knows, why stupid calculations, do not count the chickens before they hatch is always a good advise!
A monopolistic regime could be really bad for anyone, but what wrong in growing big? After all Apple Inc. is too much big now monetarily, that it has much more funds to its chest than that of the Federal US Government!

Google is an invincible citadel of technology:

Who could replace Google, not even Apple Inc. could dare to touch them, we know about Google maps issue, how bad people felt when there comes Apple’s own native maps on iOS and they have a bad press all around for the errors etc., later when Google re-entered iOS with their Google Map for iOS world was dancing like nobody was watching: )

They say Samsung’s Android dominance makes Google uncomfortable, foolish reasons behind!?
They say Samsung’s Android dominance makes Google uncomfortable, foolish reasons behind!?
… so why to fear of unknown, this is just a phobia, which resides in the minds, communicate directly or wait until there are a few solid symptoms to prove for the same! Think positive, live and let live!!!


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