Make free overseas phone calls to your Valentine now

Valentine's day is here again, so feel free to make unlimited free phone calls to your Valentine in China, USA, UK for now with UK based LocalPhone, just sign up free and use it, say it with flowers!

Also a free 5 minutes free international calls to anywhere can be done (only for fresh signups) 

If you like this service try to buy minimum $1 credit, no expiry, no service charge, pay as you go and encourage others, for enhanced benefits!



These phone calls can be done over any cell phone, tablet, iPhone, Android, landline, local number caling or 3G, 4G etc. Just give it a try and say Hello with love to your Valentine now!

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Cheap international calls with Localphone



Madhur said...

Just to let you know Rebtel is also offering valentine promotion. Infact they have launched an app as well (re:beat).
PS: By the way you changed domain name ?

kartikshradha said...

Hi Madhur,

Thanks for the info,

Yes like you we have changed our domain name too : ) and also we have started a new blog:

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