Real-time Live Internet Broadcast Presentation Slideshow to PDAs, Tablets, Cell phones, PC from anywhere in the world

How to synchronize your presentation or slideshow live-real-time stream to virtually any digital device, anywhere in the world and that’s too for free?

Real-time Live IP Broadcast, PowerPoint Presentation Slideshow to PDAs, Tablets, Cell phones, PC from anywhere in the world on a Browser
Real-time Live IP Broadcast, PowerPoint Presentation Slideshow to PDAs, Tablets, Cell phones, PC from anywhere in the world on a Browser

If you have a global or local audience which loves to hear or follow you, or your Blog, Tweets, Web site or Presentations, than you can make a real-time, free and LIVE internet (IP) broadcast of your presentationor slideshows to your audience anywhere in the world hitting directly over their cell phones, tablets, PC, laptop or PDAs etc. with the help of an app:

Real-time Live IP Broadcast Powerpoint Presentation Slideshow to PDAs, Tablets, Cell phones, PC from anywhere in the world on a Browser
Real-time Live IP Broadcast, PowerPoint Presentation Slideshow to PDAs, Tablets, Cell phones, PC from anywhere in the world on a Browser is the smart venture of CanvasDropr, which is a visual collaboration platform, and hails from Denmark,

CrunchBase depicts CanvasDropr as:

A visual version of Dropbox meets GoogleDocs

No download, money or an app is required to see or deliver the slideshow or presentation, just an internet browser is required to go ahead, with a free registration on the

If you have many presentations than upload them and store there than start your slideshow broadcast and click thumbnails of all of the presentations, this is easy,

Your audience would have all the liberties or options like always they use any internet browser to navigate back or forth and so, on any device or gadget they use to surf the net!

TNW reveals:

Prominent universities in the US including Harvard, Berkeley, MIT, Yale and Cornell have already adopted during its beta period. In the free version, presentations will be stored under the custom URL for 48 hours, along with any relevant notes and comments. Users can upgrade, however, for $14 per month in order to preserve their presentations and allow the audience to access them again at any time


They say Samsung’s Android dominance makes Google uncomfortable, foolish reasons behind!?

Is Google worried by Samsung's hardware selling spree and using its Android mobile OS over its hardware?

In this materialistic world, where the size matters, big seems to be always good and everyone seems to be indulged in a cut-throat competition to take on  the other’s hold,

No doubt we all want to grow our presence and that of our businesses too, but reportedly Google seems to be worried by the unchecked and telescopic dominance of  Samsung’s hardware sales, which currently sells nearly 40 to 42% of Android OS based mobile phones and tablets, (FYI: Android is Google’s OS for cell phones and tablets),

The Google should be happy that its Android software is creating waves in smart cell phones, but instead some blogs say that Google is worried, but why, the reasons could be few:

  1. Losses of revenues: Google uses web ads revenue and mobile ads (Adsense money) to make money, and reportedly shares some revenues with Samsung, but few tech bloggers fears if Samsung would grow more, with Android software, they may demand a bigger share with Google?! Snatch Google Play or may take away Android’s customers to its own or a new mobile OS in future (I think, a customer is never loyal to anyone except but of a nice technology) … But I think this presumption is absurd and childish, first, Google do not think small, after all they are GOOGLE, they grow big and help others grow big too, this is their taste, Second, if Android is getting big, ultimately it will earn more, eventually than Google should not have any problem, even if (hypothetically) Samsung demands higher percentage of revenue, ultimately the net income would still grow, and Samsung is not going to dominate or overtake Google (they have all different businesses), so this story only stands in the very minds of few bogus bloggers!
  2. Google’s stocks/share may get a big fall? If Samsung pulled away Android of its hardware (mobiles, tablets, Galaxy digital camera etc.)? … do not seems to be a near possibility, ultimately Samsung could never escape Google, even if they retire Android, they have to use Google search, Google maps, Google Earth, YouTube and many more things on their tablets and smart mobiles, people love Google products, they are widely popular and very hard to replace, Google is a habit like Facebook is a hobby : )
  3. South Korean Samsung could develop its own ad network, exclusive mobile OS or may use its existing BADA mobile OS on its hardware extensively, a day?! … My stand on this is again absurd, if Samsung has to do this, than why they use Android, they always can use exclusively their native mobile OS BADA on their handsets, but they use Android widespread and Windows phone OS too, so Samsung basically is a hardware manufacturer who believes in Android and they believe in growing peacefully with Google or MS Windows phone mobile OS they believe in meeting of Titans and power of sharing success, unlike Apple Inc. who prefers to go alone with its proprietary mobile OS: the iOS!
FYI: Wikipedia describes:
Samsung uses its own Bada operating system, in parallel with Google Android OS and Microsoft Windows Phone, for its smart phones….All Bada-powered devices are branded under the Wave name, as Samsung's Android-powered devices are branded under the name Galaxy.”
  1. Motorola Mobility: another hypothetical theory by so called, mobile experts and telecom Pundits, they say Google’s recent merger of Motorola mobility (for patents use) will save Google, if / when Samsung will grow bigger with Android and if it demands more revenues or may be leave Google one day, than perhaps Google may use Motorola Mobility hardware expertise under its own branding?! … Who knows, why stupid calculations, do not count the chickens before they hatch is always a good advise!
A monopolistic regime could be really bad for anyone, but what wrong in growing big? After all Apple Inc. is too much big now monetarily, that it has much more funds to its chest than that of the Federal US Government!

Google is an invincible citadel of technology:

Who could replace Google, not even Apple Inc. could dare to touch them, we know about Google maps issue, how bad people felt when there comes Apple’s own native maps on iOS and they have a bad press all around for the errors etc., later when Google re-entered iOS with their Google Map for iOS world was dancing like nobody was watching: )

They say Samsung’s Android dominance makes Google uncomfortable, foolish reasons behind!?
They say Samsung’s Android dominance makes Google uncomfortable, foolish reasons behind!?
… so why to fear of unknown, this is just a phobia, which resides in the minds, communicate directly or wait until there are a few solid symptoms to prove for the same! Think positive, live and let live!!!


Don’t worry, if late; broadcast your location/ETA with Twist GPS app

GPS App to broadcast your location, navigation and reaching or ETA (estimated time of arrival)

This time sensitive app is dedicated to the persons who love to do things in eleventh hour or may be very ‘unlucky’, always reach the destinations on the time when the ‘game is over’ and everybody worries or wants to know where they are at the moment!

Twist is a smart phones and tablets app (Google’s Android (built in HTML5 app) and Apple iOS) to track and broadcast your location to your near and dears, family or friends, it tracks where are you and gives your location to anyone you want, so they re sure, that you are safe and will reach in how much of time than,

Don’t worry, if late; broadcast your location/ETA with Twist GPS app
Don’t worry, if late; broadcast your location/ETA with Twist GPS app
This free utility app is about time and for the time conscious guys:

So when you are late better make a TWIST, rather than speed your car or heart beats, you will be broadcasting your present location and could reach the destination without a hurry, either you are rumbled in a traffic jam, in a meeting or such,

Continuous GPS use in background can reduce the battery life drastically; hence they say this Twist app utilizes proprietary GPS and cell tower data algorithms to minimize the battery drain.

You can also post your Twist location on your social networks: Twitter, Facebook etc. to know all of your followers and friends about your present location, if you wish,

The fee GPS location broadcast or arrival time broadcast app is right now only available in US, Canada, UK and Australia


Test a Free (Prototype) Google Glass with Augmented Reality & Video Conversation

Google glass project (a face based wearable computer) seems to get ahead and will soon be out of its ‘tortoise shell’,

To test a Google glass with augmented reality technology, ahead of all in the world, there is an application contest, in which any guy from any walk of life can participate, but listen me first, you have to prove that you are one of the best fit and worth to try Google glass with augmented reality and communication ability.

Google has a new ‘Glass’ website, where you can know, how Google glass feels, looks etc, what it will do and how to get one?!

An example is given there, when you have to shoot a picture, just give a command in your voice, ‘shoot the picture’ and the little ‘Genie’ the Google glass will obey the voice of its master and do the things for you like any virtual assistant, or record a video, hand free, share what you see with Google magical eyes on the Go, get directions, and many more amazing things .. for few things it may look similar to Apple’s wonder mysterious virtual voice girl SIRI : ) but it is much ahead, much more than of SIRI,

Test a Free (Prototype) Google Glass with Augmented Reality & Video Calling
Test a Free (Prototype) Google Glass with Augmented Reality & Video Chat

Test a Free (Prototype) Google Glass with Augmented Reality & Video Messaging
Test a Free (Prototype) Google Glass with Augmented Reality & Video Chat
How to win a test ride for free prototype to test Google glasses ahead of the world?

-         Last date to apply: February 27, 2013, (11:59 PM PST)
-         Age should be above or 18 years,
-         But it would NOT be a free ride, Google says:

“Explorers will each need to pre-order a Glass Explorer Edition for $1500 plus tax and attend a special pick-up experience, in person, in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles.

Zdnet tells the difference, what is free and what is not for the contest winners:

Google has revealed that non-developers will be able to get their hands on a prototype (edition) of the upcoming Google Glass device if they can sell their vision of what they'd use it for in 50 words or less…..However, there's no such thing as a free lunch for would-be Glass owners: competition winners will still need to spend $1,500 (+taxes) to get their Explorer Edition (this would be released to the general public approx. a year after) of the glasses.

Google clarifies:

Do I have to purchase Glass if I get an invitation to be a Glass Explorer?

Nope. It’s totally up to you if you want to purchase Glass.
But: Glass Explorers have the opportunity to purchase one (1) Glass device at a cost of $1,500 USD (plus any applicable tax). Glass Explorers will receive purchase instructions and a link to an e-commerce site where they can then place their orders. Payment must be made at the time of order."

NYT reveals:

"In a video released Wednesday, Google offered some of its own ideas about what to do with the glasses. A ballerina could stream live video behind the scenes and onstage, a tourist in Thailand could ask Google to translate “delicious” while eating noodles on a boat or a family could video chat with a long-distance relative on her birthday."

What to do, how to enter contest?

You have to suggest, in 50 or less words, to Google, a reply to this $1500 worth question:

What would you do if you had Glass?

Answer with #ifihadglass

"(#ifihadglass is sponsored by Anomaly, with principal place of business at 536 Broadway FL 11, New York, NY 10012, USA (“Anomaly”),"

.. And wait for the Google’s announcement that if you have won a ‘prize, you will get Google’s invitation than and you can get-set-go than thereafter,

Google instructions:

We’re looking for bold, creative individuals who want to join us and be a part of shaping the future of Glass. We’d love to make everyone an Explorer, but we’re starting off a bit smaller. We’re still in the early stages, and while we can’t promise everything will be perfect, we can promise it will be exciting.

Using Google+ or Twitter, tell us what you would do if you had Glass, starting with the hashtag #ifihadglass.

· Your application must be 50 words or less
· You must include #ifihadglass in your application
· You can include up to 5 photos with your application
· You can include a short video (15 secs max)
· Be sure to follow us on Google+ (+ProjectGlass) or Twitter (@projectglass) so that we can contact you directly
· You must be at least 18 years old and live in the U.S. to apply
· For more details, please see our full Terms and FAQ

What after this?

Google says further:

The 8,000 Applications that receive the highest overall scores, based on the above-listed criteria, will be selected as the potential invitees to become Glass Explorers (“Invitees”). Limit one invitation per person. In the event an Invitee is disqualified for any reason, Google may, at its sole discretion, choose the Application that received the next highest total score as an Invitee.

In mid-to-late March 2013, the Invitees will be selected and notified by private message on Twitter or Google+, based on their method of Application. Invitees must have followed Glass on Twitter or Google+ (depending on their method of Application) in order to be able to receive invitations. All notification requirements, as well as other requirements within these Terms, will be strictly enforced.

In the event that no Applications are received, no invitations will be issued. In the event fewer than 8,000 Applications are received, Google will send as many invitations as it deems meet the evaluation criteria, in its sole discretion.


All 8,000 Invitees who are selected will receive an invitation to become Glass Explorers (no commercial value).

How to convert Power point slideshow presentation in an embed ready HTML code and put it on a webpage for free?

How to embed a board meeting’s Power point slideshow presentation on a blog / website for free?

You can embed your MS Power point slide show presentations for free on any blog or a website using HTML code, this is useful for your brand value to show it online or during an live online meeting, board meetings  with live chat etc.

Be  online during an live online meeting, board meetings  with live presentation and chat
Be  online during an live online meeting, board meetings  with live presentation and chat

.. we know Microsoft Power point is an essential mean of collaborative communication and conversation, so this would be good to know, that how to put your presentation to the online digital world!

Put your entire board meeting on the celluloid and get international exposure!

Slideshare gives this facility for free, just register on this site, you may use your Facebook ID to get registered and get start,

.. get ready you Power point slide show, upload it on your Slideshare account, it will give you a HTML code, grab it and embed it anywhere on any website, blog, blogger, Word press etc. and share your presentation with the world online,

You may also embed a presentation (on a web page), to be given in a corporate meeting this way, and may be share it with your international team during, before or after the meet.

Add YouTube videos or video URLs to your Power Point presentation

To make you meeting or presentation much more meaningful, useful and powerful, the Slideshare also provides you the ability to embed any video URL like from YouTube etc. to your presentation any time, any number of videos could be attached with your slides show : )

Example: see the Power point presentation here, this is Science project of my daughter Shradha (do aliens exist?) and another is of my son Kartik on (Robot, robotics and artificial intelligence)!

Go viral now!

Distributed Free Visual Cloud Telecom Platform: 2600hz Kazoo

Disruptive Communication & Telephony

For your businesses you of course need a perfect phone & communication system, do you heard of 2600hz Kazoo?

Well, 2600hz Kazoo simply is a distributed cloud telecom platform which has, they say, a drag & drop interface, 2600hz is like the phone meets the cloud computing,

Kazoo Beta is a free visual cloud business PBX with full API support to developers and businesses

Distributed Free Visual Cloud Telecom Platform: 2600hz Kazoo
Distributed Free Visual Cloud Telecom Platform: 2600hz Kazoo
Kazoo Beta is giving away five seats with all the PBX features, telephone tools and developers API etc. for free and is by only-invitation,

Even you can bring your current telephony system to Kazoo using PBX connector technology, they are disrupting the communication and technology with such an ease : )

2600hz Kazoo tries to dilute any barriers, if there, in-between users and their communication systems, by offering and deploying an easy to use platform for managing hosted PBX, and they say:

“… Users can access a simple HTML5, jQuery based GUI to make real-time edits to their phone system. Developers can access their powerful APIs to create applications that control voice calls and SMS or integrate with any of their existing systems or applications.

Wow what TechCrunch says is:

2600hz is part of a new movement to turn the data center into the new telco. That’s one way to put it. Another is to realize that our 100-year old phone system is decomposing.”

About 2600hz:

“2600hz is an open-source Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) engineering firm that provides integrated VoIP solutions optimized for cloud-based carriers and their clients. They build creative, innovative and reliable hardware and software solutions that fit the small through large business environment, enable the use of FreeSWITCH, Asterisk and YATE switching libraries, and take the guesswork out of complex IP-based voice networks. The powerful platform allows for full integration capability with Twitter, Facebook, SMS, video, just to name a few. Got a great idea for telecom integration? Make it possible on Kazoo.


Bionic eye (artificial retina) for blinds, Argus II lets them see partially; unbelievable but true!

Let the blind person see this wonderful world with their own eyes!

NYTreports: The Argus II allows Barbara Campbell, who lost her sight 20 years ago, to see the world through patterns of light. Scientists hope it is the beginning of even more treatments..”

US’s FDA has approved the Argus II (by SecondSight Medical Products, Inc.), the revolutionary artificial retina, bionic eye (retinal prosthesis system), which gives hope and some promise to visually impaired to see the world through their eyes, partially.

This is a great advancement and an evolution in the modern high tech medical science, the Argus II bionic eye would allow the certain type of blind peoples to know about the crosswalks on roads, if there are people present nearby or may be vehicles or cars there! They can also read large letters and numbers, 

... the medical science, tele-medicine, and bio-metrics etc. are progressing day-by-day,  certainly they have a very promising role in health and care of modern human's life : )

Bionic eye (artificial retina) for blinds, Argus II lets them see partially; unbelievable but true, is FDA approved
Bionic eye (artificial retina) for blinds, Argus II lets them see partially; unbelievable but true, is FDA approved
NYT further explains how it works:

“The artificial retina is a sheet of electrodes implanted in the eye. The patient is also given glasses with an attached camera and a portable video processor. This system, called Argus II, allows visual signals to bypass the damaged portion of the retina and be transmitted to the brain.

UK's DailyMail seems to be excited to report:

Argus II Prosthetic Retina is the product of over 20 years of research … We can apply it to other parts of the body and we can …”

The businesswire explains about Argus II system:

The Argus II System works by converting video images captured by a miniature camera housed in the patient’s glasses into a series of small electrical pulses that are transmitted wirelessly to an array of electrodes on the surface of the retina. These pulses are intended to stimulate the retina’s remaining cells resulting in the corresponding perception of patterns of light in the brain. The patient then learns to interpret these visual patterns thereby regaining some visual function. Second Sight gained European approval (CE Mark) for the system in 2011 and FDA approval in 2013. It remains the first and only approved retinal prosthesis anywhere in the world.”
…This seems to be a ‘gadget’ bit like Google glasses (internet and augmented reality), but in fact it is a medical miracle device or a useful gadget for some persons, who are unfortunate enough to have no vision, God Bless!!!


Rebtel free app records your heartbeat and communicates-sms digitally to your Valentine or anyone you love

Valentine's day special app: Re:Beat

The virtual world has made us insane and a digital zombie, digital evolution is so rapid and eccentric that we humans are unable to cope with.

Rebtel from Sweden is a famous, one of the largest .. after Skype, and honest name in mobile VoIP, free and cheap international telephony;

Heart beats go digital : )

They have a free fun and love app (non medical app) for couples, lovers or Valentines’ to send (text) the real heartbeats in digital way and to communicateHello & I love you’ in a novel way, this is more than hat of a virtual chocolate for your love, he/she can hear the very rhythm of your heartbeats now!

Download free for Apple iOS:

Download free for Google Android:

Rebtel free app records your heartbeat and communicates-sms digitally to your Valentine or anyone you love
Rebtel free app records your heartbeat and communicates-sms digitally to your Valentine or anyone you love 
App describes itself as:

Record your pulse with Rebtel Re:Beat by simply placing the tip of your index finger on your iPhone's camera, or by tapping the screen. The result is a warm animation, with sound and vibration in sync with your every loving heartbeat.. Your Re:Beat can be sent to anyone with a mobile phone or web browser.”

Rebtel free app records your heartbeat and communicates-sms digitally to your Valentine or anyone you love


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