UAE Blackberry VOIP Alert: How to avoid VoIP Block on Blackberry BBM Free Voice calls from UAE over WIFI

Do not hurry to update RIM-Blackberry's BBM app in UAE to make free WIFI voice calling, just use its beta version, or you will be no more left with free calling over WIFI, 

If you are situated in UAE and use RIM’s Blackberry for communication, you also may be love to use free, unlimited internet (WIFI) or VoIP voice calls over BBM, than do not upgrade your software in UAE, or the free VoIP calls would get a block,

UAE is an infamous destination like a few who blocks the cheap or Free VoIP call providers like Skype, Viber, Tango etc. but there are few ways to get unblock this VoIP ban like use Spokn,

But if you are using latest by Blackberry- BBM free voice calling using internet than go ahead only with its BETA version as reported by emirates247 or you would loose your existing free calling spree from UAE, like Viber, Skype, Tango, Fring etc.

If you will use Beta version of RIM’s BBM than you can dial unlimited free VoIP calls from there, until they specifically block them too,

Actually name of the game is money behind, revenues and big revenues, we know that in UAE large number of foreigners reside, who need to make the international calls from there,

… so local Telcos there: DU, Etisalat may loose a big telephony revenues, if people will use their networks to make free or cheap data VoIP (3G/WIFI) calls like using Viber, Skype over mobile or laptop, thus this fear makes them to block the VoIP calls, let the residents suffers, who cares, they just care of their own money!

Remember: Free voice calls through BlackBerry’s BBM will get blocked if app is updated in UAE, be aware!

Please spread this post to all concerned, share and spread in forums. this is important for our free telephony to let live in UAE where VoIP is being blocked!

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