Twitter connected free VoIP audio-video-browser phone-chat-IM having P2P-HD-HTML5-(WebRTC)

VoIP Video / Audio Phone Calls to Twitter Handles’ via Chrome Browser: Twelephone (having Peer-to-Peer, HD, Html5, WebRTC compliance)

Real-time VoIP calling that is too which is free to use, could be lucrative to many of us, You can use Facebook to make free VoIP calls to your Facebook friends, you also can make a social VoIP call to your LinkedIn social network friends,

What is this TwelePhone Phone calling to Twitter Pals?

They claim their service as:

“Twelephone is the world's first and only web telephone that integrates with the Twitter social network!”

According to the popular tech blog TechCrunch, in brief:


Twelephone Is a Telephone That Connects To Your Twitter Feed And Your Customers


Well, the Twelephone gives you an access within Twitter micro blogging sphere to make real time voice/video calls in the real world to your Twitter contacts, all for free, over Google Chrome browser!


This uses the standards laid down by WebRTC, which allows the use of a real-time communication via browser Chrome over Javascript APIs.


The basic motto seems to be behind this useful virtual telephony is that say, if anyone or a customer is going on with a problem or complaint, he/she could get reach and make a call using Twitter link!


The good news is that WebRTC complied web twitter telephone soon would also be available for Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc. OS. Microsoft says it is on their road map, but Apple Safari has yet to clear their motives for this web talking phone,


To use this browser VoIP phone, no flash is needed, it uses your camera feed and microphone to connect P2P way in HD. This is secured, private and encrypted too : )


How To Connect a video or voice call with Twitter handles?

It is simple, no trick involved, well, ‘Twelephone’ number or your personal identity is just your ‘Twitter handle’, that's it, just type in the handle and make a call, as the call connects, now you need to give an access to Chrome’s camera and you are good to go to talk free with your world on Twitter micro blogging service for free.

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