‘The Silence’ (patch), while a Skype Call is good to inject secret encrypted data?

Skype Steganographic VoIP Calls

The technology is really going insane now, reaching new heights and ways of doing things and that the crime too has going high tech with the use of this disruptive technology.

Skype is the global leader in providing the uninterrupted VoIP calling to the world, we know, but do we know that this Skype could also be a good place to send secret hidden coded messages, which they say are impossible to crack or decipher even for the FBI,

VoIP calling itself is tough thing to trace for the worldwide security agencies, and if the secret coded messaging could take place over Skype, than how the security issues would be dealt this is a big concern and should be for the global agencies who are experts in tracing the calls, sms or internet?

SkypeHide: How secret data embedding took place in Skype VoIP calling?

‘The Silence’ (patch), while a Skype Call is good to inject secret encrypted data?
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Professor Wojciech Mazurczyk at the Institute of Telecommunications in Warsaw, Poland, claims that he could use Skype to send hidden messages, they say this as SKYPEHIDE technique, reportedly he says, that a ‘SILENCE’ patch or a PAUSE patch between the verbal communication is a good place to inject, code or embed the secret invisible messages (steganograph), which are highly encrypted and could be un-encrypted and deciphered at the other end without reaching to the security agencies if they are tracing your Skype VoIP communication, 

Fastcompany.com describes this as:
“The system relies on a feature of Skype whereby instead of simply sending no data when there's no sounds to transmit--such as between words or sentences--Skype simply sends shorter data packets (70 bits long instead of 130-bit packets for speech). The Polish team's system hijacks these short snippets of data and replaces the bits with different info that they choose. The Skype software ignores the "silent" packets, but a suitable system can still decode the silent messages. As a bonus the entire setup is hard to detect and is capable of sending up to 1 kilobit per second of secret data of any type, be it text or video.

Venturebeat describes this as:
Skype calls use 256-bit advanced encryption by default, but that's not secure enough for some people. So a prof. at the Warsaw University of Technology has created a way to communicate even more privately on Skype -- by using silence.

Silence is always a boon but it is not always. .. ?! What will Skype do, when there is a ‘secret’ ‘lying’ in the ‘silence’?

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