6 seconds video (iOS) App Vine, all set to change the online video communication

Twitter’s stand alone, social, short, free,video clip sharing app for iOS: Vine

Twitter acquired Vine’s video services in 2012,

Vine is an addictive free video app for the lovers of watching videos or who believes in communicating via the videos like Snapchat or so : )

Vine is a social iOS app which initiates and plays looping up to 6 seconds short video clips using Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad on Twitter.com, the 140 words only micro-blogging free service!

The quality of small video clips is wonderful and sharp enough, that you could never avoid them,

Vine for Dummies: Tip:

Watch Vine's video in action: http://vine.co/v/biTaEEwdq2n?1

You need not have only 1 single video upto 6 seconds, instead you may have 2 videos each of 3 seconds, or 3 video clips of 2 seconds each and so, maximum time length is 6 second and you may loop-in many videos in these 6 seconds, hope this is clear?

To shoot and record videos, just keep pressing the shoot button, leave it, where you want to stop, again press, again leave ... just like that, and record up to 6 seconds one single or a mix of short video clips!

These small video clips, when posted or embedded on Twitter, social network, get plays automatically, the voice in videos is by default set to off, which you always turn on, even you are allowed to tag a location in your video clips, and can share these tiny videos on Twitter, Facebook or Vine, also you can add hash tags to your newly uploaded videos!

Twitter’s stand alone, social, short, free, video clip sharing app for iOS: Vine

Twitter’s stand alone, social, short, free, video clip sharing app for iOS: Vine

Vine video share and embed strategy:

Shoot a video, upload to Vine, share on Twitter, from there directly embed it in your Tweet, view instantly and share also on Facebook, the Vine videos!

Unfortunately the Vine app do not has an Android or Windows Mobile app as of yet and we have to wait for an official words for it : (

Excited fans says: Vine is to video what Instagram is to pictures"

Watch latest Vines in real-time with VinePeek

FYI: There is an another similar app, which allows animating photos / video clips, Cinemagram, but Vine is cooler and also has a sound play … shoot mini movies using Vine video free app over your Apple iPhone, iPod Touch etc. ... forget size, short is sometimes sweet; do the  size always matters?! 


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