Co-Browse the Internet (free apps), with anyone in real-time!

How to share-work-collaborate any web page, simultaneously with anyone in real-time

Internet is a fantastic place for the creative brains, it is a cool place for the dumb brains, equally it is a place to live, for no brains : ) … world wide web has something for all, have many facets and things, from serious, high tech to purely entertainment things,

Anyways, do you want to share, connect, communicate, converse and collaborate on a project or on a web page, simultaneously, in real-time with your online contacts, which are spread over, all along the globe? No problem, we have found 2 few nice free apps for you which works in real-time!

1. Ve.rbatim: This website or web solution is great, it is a free internet based co-browsing or co-navigation platform, you can co-browse, share and communicate on any web page with anyone, anywhere, any number of guys, in the world at the same time and real-time, even you can see their mouse cursor on that web page, if and when you wish,

They explain about their free services:

-         free call conferencing,
-         chat and view a video,
-         co-ordination of a group get away,
-         make an online social shopping with friends and family,
-         you may send URLs from your PC to cell phones or to tablets,
-      may control any presentation at work, just from your mobile devices etc.

How to Connect & collaborate for free on one and the same doc in real-time

2. Titan PadTitan pad is a smart internet tool to make collaborative documents editing and re shaping, at the same time or real-time, by the number of persons spread on the globe across, just the reach of internet is fine to use this Titan pad app,

Nothing like to sign up etc. here, a separate color is allotted to each and every user to edit or work on the same document, there are infinite level for Undo,

You can also get some space for your team work demo or showcase on a sub domain for free here.
Co-Browse, work-on, share the Internet, any web page with free apps, with anyone in real-time!
Co-Browse, work-on, share the Internet, any web page with free apps, with anyone in real-time!

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