Unlimited free phone calls to Switzerland land lines

LocalPhone is a UK based free and low cost local or overseas telephone calls provider to the world  like Skype, Rebtel, Fring etc. 

They are such a nice company, with crystal clear calling over mobile phones, land line or tablet phones, 

Local Phone's calls are 5 minutes free to test the quality for the first time users to anywhere in the world from anywhere over mobile or land line, over VoIP, 3G, 4G, WIFI or by dialing the local numbers,

You can start with only $1 if you are satisfied with free test calls, to make cheap calls to the world, or you can always make unlimited free overseas calls using app to app or by dialing local numbers etc.

They are reliable, no service tax, no contracts and money back guarantee, do you want more?

Cheap international calls with Localphone

Time to time LocalPhone guys have a promo under which any country from the globe is chosen randomly so the users from anywhere could make a free unlimited calling for a week, this time this is Switzerland's turn, so start making unlimited free calls to Swiss landline with nothing ever to pay, no strings attached, no fine prints, it is a promise : )

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How to call or text abroad for free or cheap from anywhere in the world?
How to call or text abroad for free or cheap from anywhere in the world?

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