Unlimited & Free International WIFI-VoIP Calls to Facebook Messenger Friends on iOS from USA

 After a successful testing of Facebook messenger voice VoIP free unlimited calls to Facebook (FB) friends in Canada, now this is the turn of USA, the free VoIP calls resembles like of Skype or Viber etc.

The Facebook (messenger) online social network has rolled out its unlimited free VoIP voice calls over (between) iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) to Facebook friends (local or overseas) if the call initiates in/from USA, the free VoIP calling will work over WIFI/data connection and on Apple iOS devices, right now, later Android etc. mobile OS would be introduced,

But still you have to pay your data bill for calling the VoIP voice calls, (only over iOS right now) the voice minutes will be free, even abroad calling ‘leg’ of the call will be free, say you make a VoIP call to your FB friend from US, who is in London, UK, than this call would not charge you anything or any money but of your WIFI data charges,

Free calling button auto evolves in existing messenger iOS App:

You do not have to upgrade or delete and download a new messenger iOS app on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch as in the US over iOS messenger, the free calling button is surfacing itself, so wait and smile please : )

You also can make free and unlimited video calls to Facebook friends over Skype, they should reside in any country of the world,

FYI: Recently Facebook has also launched it enhanced search engine: FacebookGraphSearch!

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