Facebook Graph Search for Friends versus Google Search Engine!

They used to say a phrase: “When France sneezes all Europe catches a cold”, like so, when Facebook ‘sneezes’ the entire online social world seems to be in a ‘cold’ : )

What is the ‘big’ thing in latest ‘Graph Search of Facebook (FB), the social network, and even it is being compared with the veteran Google’s Search, seems pity to me, even Graph search is not yet have born completely how could one compare it with giant Google, who is the master of the online universe,

Why To Facebook Graph Search?

Google has already evolved with and developed a type of an artificial intelligence, with the time and could bring pin pointed accurate results in nano-seconds out of world wide web’s galaxy but Facebook graph search is like a personalized or customized 'internal' search engine, which searches for the ‘limited set’ of data or photos from your Facebook friends Likes, Shares, connections and or recommendations etc. so what is the criteria of comparing FB Graph Search with Google Searches? I am unable to understand why we are in a hurry always, do FB or Google is going somewhere, leaving us? Relax, see how Graph search works, than compare the Titans!

Google rules the web, now FB is trying hard to snatch that position, OK, I should not say like this, but for a ‘serious’ user, still Google is supreme, say, if you have to search for HOWS-WHATS-WHYS etc. do you search this on FB or Google, tell me? To me, FB primarily is for fun, relaxation and communication, but when its work or we have something serious query, Google is in itself a totality, no comparisons could be ever?! Am I wrong?

May be I am biased to Google, yes I love Google, I know its potential, comparing Google to FB for me like a comparison in-between iPad and a Laptop, where iPad is like FB and a Laptop is like the Google for me, the difference is clearly between the seriousness of work for me : ) No offence!

Google is not the rival of Facebook, as being said everywhere, they both are for online users and the need of the day, they have different paths, don’t compare the giants; tell me, can you ever compare Albert Einstein with Newton? If you can than surely you may go ahead, who am I to ignite any brains: ) 


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