Facebook free voice message & call over Wi-Fi using Messenger app over iOS & Android

Canada has at least one more reasons to smile, the Facebook, biggest online social network of friends and communities is testing its free calling (VoIP) over the Android and iOS version of the app (in Canada), so to make unlimited free voice chat or voice messages to its IM users, Android will come soon too with more Android and iOS geographic regions too for free WIFI calling,  

We know, that currently and since for a long the Microsoft’s Skype is the world unmatched leader in providing the VoIP calling for free and low cost to the largest ‘congregation’ on this Earth, they are easy, have free version of audio video call conferencing and loved by almost all,

Now Facebook also seeking its pie in the voice VoIP lucrative industry via its messenger apps, though Facebook already provides unlimited free Skype Video calls over its platform, but the free voice chat and voice messaging will enhance the retention of its own users on the very Facebook portal hence the advertising rates and such hence the usability and the revenues : )

Facebook free voice message & call over Wi-Fi using Messenger app over iOS
Facebook free voice message & call over Wi-Fi using Messenger app over iOS
Forbes explains:

Push-to-talk, international voice messaging using FB messenger app on iOS and Android:

Users of Facebook’s Messenger app for iOS and Android can now send voice messages, after an update Thursday. Users can tap the “+” button then hold the “record” button to record a message. Releasing the button immediately sends the message. Sliding your finger off the button cancels the message.


Forbes on Free WIFI data or P2P  open source VoIP calling in Canada: It’s not Facetime; it’s FaceVoIP

"Facebook is also testing a new feature that enables free voice calls using the Messenger app–right now this only works in Canada and only on the iOS app. Using this new test, people can tap the “i” in the top right corner of the app and then tapp “Free Call.” This only works with the version of the app released today.


According to the Techcrunch, Why Canada is the Guinea Pig?:
Facebook is beginning to test VoIP audio calling in Canada to see if it should bring the feature to the U.S. and perhaps the rest of the world. Canada closely resembles the United States in demographics and usage trends, but is one-tenth the size, making it a smart testing ground. If it gains traction, Facebook will work on how to scale it for a bigger audience and would probably roll it out in the U.S. next, and possibly the web interface.
For now, though, only Canadian users of the latest version of Facebook Messenger for iOS can try VoIP. People can’t VoIP call Android users or people outside of Canada. The feature is a bit buried. Users have to click the “i” icon in the top right of a conversation to reveal a “Free Call” button. It’s not entirely free, though. It will burn data on a user’s existing carrier plan
Voice messaging is open to all anywhere on iOS and Android but VoIP free WIFI data calling is limited right now to Canada only as VoIP needs much a bigger proper platform before a global launch,
… So Canadians will be the very first for Facebook Android and iOS app / messenger who can make unlimited and free wireless calls, cellular data calls on the go over smart iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Mini or iPad, to another Canadian users,

It seems that over 1 billion members’ Facebook VoIP free global calls (whenever they will be launched) could make the serious ‘troubles’ for Skype the King of VoIP now, they too have to do ‘something’ or we know, the world is still and always – survival for the fittest!

Everybody almost uses Facebook daily either for fun or so, but Skype still is used only for telephony, chat or communication purposes, so how Skype would check with ‘Facebook friends’ VoIP calling could be an interesting question, until they again join hands again like the Facebook to Skype free and unlimited video calls,

Skype could still be a winner later, as they provide cheap international calls to real phone numbers unlike VoIP calls (via Skype call credit or subscription plans), which Facebook lacks right now, so this could be the growth point or competing point for Skype, but there are mushrooming growth of cheap calling VoIP internet providers now a days … but Skype is Skype : )

When we talk of disruptive communications, do not forget there is a hot and open virgin market and all are trying to take a pie, either it is Google’s Gmail calling, Apple-Facetime, Facebook, Skype, Blackberry BBM or such : ) This is business and with ethics and Consumer/User is the King like always?!

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