Cell Phone with 1 AA Battery, which has a life of 15 years

If you are sick of your GSM cell phone's battery, which exhaust very fast than use SpareOne emergency phone, they claims to have a one battery only phone (Lithium AA) which lasts upto 15 (shelf life) long years, so why to think someone else (talk time upto 10 hours), and your cell phone battery would never suck you again,

This phone handset also has a geo location feature now so your latitude-longitude or your geo-position could be traced correctly to find you, if anybody wants you, its costs $100 only.

This handset works to make emergency calls at 911 even without a SIM card, it has single-button emergency dialing to make a call at 911. 

You can also put iPhone's Micro SIM card to this emergency smart SpareOne Mobile. It also has an in-built flash light!

This phone users' could set up an auto-reply to send automated text messages, on their primary mobiles to their callers that they are switched to this SpareOne handset right now and they may call them there if needed,

So use SpareOne emergency handset, if you do not have a cell phone at all to use or may be if its battery drains a fast : ) 


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