USA gets world’s very first 4G-LTE mobile cellular signal booster

Wilson Electronics’ 4G-LTE signal booster for mobiles, modems, hotspots (like the Mi-Fi™ and Verizon JetPack™) and tablets in USA, is said to be the very first 4G signal booster except WIMAX: {Wilson’s blog suggests: “Sprint is the only U.S. carrier that uses this protocol for its 4G and is the only carrier that has ever used it. In addition, Sprint was the first major U.S. carrier to throw its hat into the 4G ring} to be, which can enhance dropped or weak signals over 4G-LTE networks!

USA gets world’s very first legacy and 4G-LTE mobile cellular signal booster
USA gets world’s very first 4G-LTE mobile cellular signal booster
Wilson’s 4G sleek designed signal booster is supported by multi-carriers, and it covers 5 spectrum bands, it improves the cell phones’ reception and is supported by USA’s: AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile, and also supports the legacy signals (2G, 3G, voice and data) for all other US telcos …

Why cellular signals gets weak or dropped?

Many reasons like, out of range of cellular towers, no signals at all, bad reception due to congestion or may be a hindrance in between the cell tower and the cellular device users…

When signal drops in midst of a conversation, this could be much annoying and may be loss of reputation and loss of a 'would be' deal, so conversation and communication is important for us, we understand, than what to do, we can use disruptive telephony techniques WIFI, MIFI, VoIP or such as a second line but when they also get dropped, than a signal booster is much needed to enhance the strength of weak signals : )

Company says:

"The Sleek 4G offers cellular customers a complete mobile signal boosting solution," said Laine Matthews, Wilson's director of business development. "It maintains a strong, reliable signal for any cellular device. We're always striving to deliver the best boosters to our customers, and it's great that we can offer a device that works with multiple carriers' 4G networks, as well as legacy networks, that's this small and this affordable."

How Wilson’s sleek 4G-LTE signal booster works?
You have to mount the signal booster device antenna at the roof, as the roof-mounted antenna will receive the weak signal from the nearby cellular tower and will send it over a thin coax cable towards the Wilson’s Sleek 4G cradle.
The signal will get amplified by Sleek’s 4G's built-in-amplifier and than would be transmitted in turn, to the cell phones and device by the Sleek’s 4G's built-in- antenna.
This process is then get repeated in reverse and to send a amplified signal from the phone / device back to the cell tower.
Engadget says: “New Sleek 4G-V boosts voice and data communications on 2G & 3G Networks, as well as Verizon Wireless™ LTE


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