Make Unlimited free phone calls to Norway

Norway is a wonderful and most beautiful land created by the Gods himself, in Europe, I love Norway!

If you have someone living in Norway, than you can make them an unlimited free phone calls to their landlines using LocalPhone, absolutely free using ANY mobile, landline or PC, Tablet... over 3G, 4G, data plans or use the local numbers to make free international call to Norway from anywhere in the world, 

Cheap international calls with Localphone

free calls, Norway

This is an offer which has no fine prints, no contracts, no service taxes etc, also you can give a try to free 5 minutes international calls to anywhere in the world ...

How to embed Twitter’s 6 seconds Vine videos to Tumblr / any blog?

How to embed Twitter’s 6 seconds Vine videos to Tumblr / any blog?

Twitter has a very awesome free video app, VINE, which embeds up to 6 seconds video or a mix of 6 seconds videos in its Tweets,

The brands are taking the use of it to display there short ads in their Tweets, and the adult users are also making equal use of it like anyone, but Twitter is trying to control the adult Vine videos,

Well, do you want to embed a Vine video to Tumblr or any other type of your blog or website, yes you can surely do, is a resource, which permits to embed 6 seconds Vine video clip to your blogs etc. 

… visit Vineit, drag the bookmark-let to the web browser, you use, than just click on the link while viewing the Vine video clips, done, OK, nice,
How to embed Twitter’s 6 seconds Vine videos to Tumblr / any blog?
How to embed Twitter’s 6 seconds Vine videos to Tumblr / any blog?
… now hover over the Vine video, it will reflect a ‘share to Tumblr link’ and also an embed code, make use of them, get publish the tweets’ Vine videos anywhere on the web or on any blog.



UAE Blackberry VOIP Alert: How to avoid VoIP Block on Blackberry BBM Free Voice calls from UAE over WIFI

Do not hurry to update RIM-Blackberry's BBM app in UAE to make free WIFI voice calling, just use its beta version, or you will be no more left with free calling over WIFI, 

If you are situated in UAE and use RIM’s Blackberry for communication, you also may be love to use free, unlimited internet (WIFI) or VoIP voice calls over BBM, than do not upgrade your software in UAE, or the free VoIP calls would get a block,

UAE is an infamous destination like a few who blocks the cheap or Free VoIP call providers like Skype, Viber, Tango etc. but there are few ways to get unblock this VoIP ban like use Spokn,

But if you are using latest by Blackberry- BBM free voice calling using internet than go ahead only with its BETA version as reported by emirates247 or you would loose your existing free calling spree from UAE, like Viber, Skype, Tango, Fring etc.

If you will use Beta version of RIM’s BBM than you can dial unlimited free VoIP calls from there, until they specifically block them too,

Actually name of the game is money behind, revenues and big revenues, we know that in UAE large number of foreigners reside, who need to make the international calls from there,

… so local Telcos there: DU, Etisalat may loose a big telephony revenues, if people will use their networks to make free or cheap data VoIP (3G/WIFI) calls like using Viber, Skype over mobile or laptop, thus this fear makes them to block the VoIP calls, let the residents suffers, who cares, they just care of their own money!

Remember: Free voice calls through BlackBerry’s BBM will get blocked if app is updated in UAE, be aware!

Please spread this post to all concerned, share and spread in forums. this is important for our free telephony to let live in UAE where VoIP is being blocked!

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Cheap international calls with Localphone

Watch Free Live HDTV stream broadcast on laptop, tablet, cell phone in US Universities (IPTV)

Students! here is your own HDTV broadcast to watch live streaming TV straight on your notebook, iPad, tablets, iPhone, smart cell phones etc. anywhere in the college/university campus for free!

Thanks to TIVLI, an internet protocol (IP) based disruptive TV technology on the Go, live streaming broadcasting and cable channels service in US college campuses for the students, on any internet gadget, while on the move, no need now to glued with an old fashioned TV,

SMS or Participation TV 

How to use Tivli on the Go using internet?

Watch Free Live HDTV stream broadcast on laptop, tablet, cell phone in US Universities (IPTV)
Watch Free Live HDTV stream broadcast on laptop, tablet, cell phone in US Universities (IPTV)
So Harvard resident students, you no more have to worry or borrow the parents’ HBO GO passwords etc. to view your favorite shows, ‘Girls’; Game of Thrones’ etc., just use TIVLI and watch your Live TV broadcast online on your iPad, iPhone, smart cell phones, tablets or laptops, just login (even with Facebook) using your college credentials, no need of an expensive cable or a satellite connectivity,

On-Air is now Online TV anywhere and everywhere is free for students

This is a free service for the students, as it adds the ‘value’ to the universities present cord-in-the-wall cable system, NYT reports!

Watch Free Live HDTV stream broadcast on laptop, tablet, cell phone in US Universities (IPTV)
Watch Free Live HDTV stream broadcast on laptop, tablet, cell phone in US Universities (IPTV)
 Technology Behind:

Tivli real-time, over-the-air IP based wireless TV stream broadcast is based on cutting edge innovative and disruptive IP technology, where in its uses bandwidth very efficiently and in a scalable way while a video broadcast,

Tivli TV: as the founders say about is:

Like a lot of weird/cool/so-crazy-it-just-might-work ideas, Tivli began in a college dorm room. When Harvard undergrads Nicholas Krasney and Ho Tuan wanted a more convenient way to watch TV on campus, they decided to make it happen themselves. They wrote a program to stream live TV straight to their computers, and Tivli was born. Within Tivli’s first pilot year at Harvard, almost half the student body used the service to watch television right from their computers… at the same time. Since then, we’ve been working to bring streaming TV to the laptops and television sets of students across the country.

According to the LinkedIn:

“Tivli provides next generation TV services to the higher education marketplace and other multi-dwelling unit (MDU) environments today. As part of these services, Tivli brings the entire cable TV experience, including live and DVR delivery to popular Internet devices. Tivli's opportunity comes from the current shift in broadcast television from traditional coaxial and satellite delivery to broadband Internet.

Useful links:

Real-time, Live HD Video Stream Broadcast over iOS (Free App) over WIFI, 3G

Streamago's real-time, free, live HD social video stream broadcast over smart tablets and phones (Free App) over WIFI, 3G

A free app for broadcasting white level, live video HD streams and playlists from anywhere over WIFI or 3G, 4G data connectivity, using iOS gadgets like Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch is STREAMAGO.TV
Shoot the live videos over HD camcorder or a simple web cam, or use iOS gadgets!

This is a freemium model, which includes free very basic services (ad supported) to premium or paid top graded additional services,

Real-time, Live HD Video Stream Broadcast over iOS (Free App) over WIFI, 3G
Real-time, Live HD Video Stream Broadcast over iOS (Free App) over WIFI, 3G
The free and premium models includes the Cloud live recording and video storage: free (20GB); Premium (1000 GB),

With Streamago live TV broadcast app, you could become a citizen journalist, broadcast live and real time fresh contents going and updating by minute to minute, event or concerts etc live broadcaster, news and TV anchor, corporate communicator, educational enthusiast or so, there could be number or varied uses of live video broadcast over Apple iOS devices,

You live TV / video broadcast could be seen by any or unlimited number of simultaneous visitors / audience, if you have a popular channel to subscribe,

You can also build up the social experience by synchronizing the viewing and interactive chat,

Connect Facebook to Streamago TV app and share video stream live on FB

You can also connect your Facebook social network with Streamago and can publish your live video broadcasting channel on Facebook, connect your FB friends via live TV. 

Share and publish any LIVE video event on your FB wall, Twitter or embed it

Real-time, Live HD Video Stream Broadcast over iOS (Free App) over WIFI, 3G
Real-time, Live HD Video Stream Broadcast over iOS (Free App) over WIFI, 3G
Online social networks are part and parcel of our daily lives, Facebook, Twitter are disrupting the old traditional world, in a whole new way, Twitter too now has a video sharing app in real-time, Vine is superb, try it too : ) 

… Get, set, go and Go Live on your TV from anywhere in the world! The world is not enough…

6 seconds video (iOS) App Vine, all set to change the online video communication

Twitter’s stand alone, social, short, free,video clip sharing app for iOS: Vine

Twitter acquired Vine’s video services in 2012,

Vine is an addictive free video app for the lovers of watching videos or who believes in communicating via the videos like Snapchat or so : )

Vine is a social iOS app which initiates and plays looping up to 6 seconds short video clips using Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad on, the 140 words only micro-blogging free service!

The quality of small video clips is wonderful and sharp enough, that you could never avoid them,

Vine for Dummies: Tip:

Watch Vine's video in action:

You need not have only 1 single video upto 6 seconds, instead you may have 2 videos each of 3 seconds, or 3 video clips of 2 seconds each and so, maximum time length is 6 second and you may loop-in many videos in these 6 seconds, hope this is clear?

To shoot and record videos, just keep pressing the shoot button, leave it, where you want to stop, again press, again leave ... just like that, and record up to 6 seconds one single or a mix of short video clips!

These small video clips, when posted or embedded on Twitter, social network, get plays automatically, the voice in videos is by default set to off, which you always turn on, even you are allowed to tag a location in your video clips, and can share these tiny videos on Twitter, Facebook or Vine, also you can add hash tags to your newly uploaded videos!

Twitter’s stand alone, social, short, free, video clip sharing app for iOS: Vine

Twitter’s stand alone, social, short, free, video clip sharing app for iOS: Vine

Vine video share and embed strategy:

Shoot a video, upload to Vine, share on Twitter, from there directly embed it in your Tweet, view instantly and share also on Facebook, the Vine videos!

Unfortunately the Vine app do not has an Android or Windows Mobile app as of yet and we have to wait for an official words for it : (

Excited fans says: Vine is to video what Instagram is to pictures"

Watch latest Vines in real-time with VinePeek

FYI: There is an another similar app, which allows animating photos / video clips, Cinemagram, but Vine is cooler and also has a sound play … shoot mini movies using Vine video free app over your Apple iPhone, iPod Touch etc. ... forget size, short is sometimes sweet; do the  size always matters?! 


How to text anonymously to the licence number plate of a car in US (and in Switzerland)?

A free and useful service to send a text to a car owner for his faults or mistakes!

You see a car or a taxi in a parking lot, which is in a bad parking arena, blocking your drive way or has its head lights or doors open, as a good person, you will try to locate the driver or owner of that vehicle or cars, as the case may be, but he or may be she could out of bound for you, so what will you do?

No problem, you have the registration or licence number plate of that parked or any vehicle, you may want to contact, just SMS that number and you will reach to the driver or the owner, instantly, now you have done your moral duty or the job of a responsible civilian,

San Francisco based CurbTXT is a service which allows anyone to contact a vehicle owner, using texting to the licence plate number depicted on that vehicle, all this is done using a small ‘magical’ free sticker pasted near the car’s number plate.
How to text anonymously to the licence number plate of a car in US (also in Switzerland)?
SMS anonymously to the licence number plate of a car in US (also in Switzerland)?
Switzerland has also such a similar licence car number plate texting service and iOS app

There is no privacy protection in this similar Swiss service. But it works too : ) The beauty of this texting to the car number plates service is that after you have send the SMS to the care owner, you instantly will receive a reply with car owner's name, phone number etc, other details, and also when he will return or be available,

They say:

“So far no stalking or crimes have been reported due to this app.

Always-on-‘SIRI’: A Tech. which listens-interprets talks-calls, and fetches the best key info

SIRI is the personal voice assistant (voice activated smart iOS search) for iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch etc.), developed by the Apple Inc.

What SIRI does is that it pulls up the information what its users asks her (yes SIRI is a real female, living in Norway) : )  

Something on the lines of Apple’s SIRI is another app, known as: MINDMELD (by Expect Labs), which they say is a smarter way to have a conversation on your Apple iPAD!

What this MindMeld app do is, unlike SIRI, it skips the ‘asking step’ like SIRI do, instead, it is always-on … means MindMeld’s smart evolved and disrupting voice technology listens to the real conversations between persons or a group call conference between many persons,

… than this app interprets it, and pop up with the best useful-key information, which it thinks is best for you : ) and it will come up with most relevant links, videos, pictures or data like from Facebook, WWW etc. you may also swipe, drag or share them, if you like to do so … as the voice conversation proceeds ahead or changes the media or links also changes accordingly!

When you share the relevant media, this is also visible to all in your group conversation,

Is it an anticipatory computing with Mindmeld iPad conversation smart voice activated app?

Do Mindmeld (machine) app is smart enough to listen and than interpret the real human communication in real-time? Or it has an artificial intelligence? Think it over, or try a new way to SIRI on your iPad now!

Always-on-‘SIRI’: A Tech. which listens-interprets talks-calls, and fetches the best key info
Always-on-‘SIRI’: A Tech. which listens-interprets talks-calls, and fetches the best key info
Technologyreview says:

The 10-person company is developing what it calls an “always-on Siri”—a technology that listens to a phone call between two or more people, interprets the conversation as it happens, and brings up what it thinks is useful information. 

In the next few weeks, the San Francisco-based company plans to launch its first product, MindMeld, an iPad app for making video and voice calls. It also intends to license its “anticipatory computing
” engine to businesses this year, and this could give speech apps on tablets, phones, car dashboards, and elsewhere new capabilities. At a large workplace, for example, a business could build software that pulls up old meeting notes during conference calls by accessing document servers and calendars. A call centre company could use it to bring up purchase histories as representatives talk to customers. 

Also they say that a high quality group video calling with up to 8 people is also coming to the Apple iPad with this app.


Make unlimited phone calls to Thailand for free from any phone

In our series of free calling to international destinations or phones from mobile or any phone, this is the turn of Thailand, the popular international Asian tourist hub, this time,

You can make an unlimited length of free phone calls to your Thailand contacts on their landlines from anywhere, no buying is required ever, just make a free profile account and you are good to go,

Also: //

Also you can try our free 5 minute calling to almost any country if you are going for a new account, later if you like the calling quality, you may start with buying just $1 minimum credit, with never expiry, no any tax, no fine prints, no contracts,

These calls could be done over a landline, any mobile, tablet etc. over WIF, 3G, 4G or local calling phone numbers, give it a free try now : ) and share this post everywhere for the benefit of all f us …

free calls, Thailand
Make unlimited phone calls to Thailand for free from any phone
Make unlimited phone calls to Thailand for free from any phone
Cheap international calls with Localphone

Co-Browse the Internet (free apps), with anyone in real-time!

How to share-work-collaborate any web page, simultaneously with anyone in real-time

Internet is a fantastic place for the creative brains, it is a cool place for the dumb brains, equally it is a place to live, for no brains : ) … world wide web has something for all, have many facets and things, from serious, high tech to purely entertainment things,

Anyways, do you want to share, connect, communicate, converse and collaborate on a project or on a web page, simultaneously, in real-time with your online contacts, which are spread over, all along the globe? No problem, we have found 2 few nice free apps for you which works in real-time!

1. Ve.rbatim: This website or web solution is great, it is a free internet based co-browsing or co-navigation platform, you can co-browse, share and communicate on any web page with anyone, anywhere, any number of guys, in the world at the same time and real-time, even you can see their mouse cursor on that web page, if and when you wish,

They explain about their free services:

-         free call conferencing,
-         chat and view a video,
-         co-ordination of a group get away,
-         make an online social shopping with friends and family,
-         you may send URLs from your PC to cell phones or to tablets,
-      may control any presentation at work, just from your mobile devices etc.

How to Connect & collaborate for free on one and the same doc in real-time

2. Titan PadTitan pad is a smart internet tool to make collaborative documents editing and re shaping, at the same time or real-time, by the number of persons spread on the globe across, just the reach of internet is fine to use this Titan pad app,

Nothing like to sign up etc. here, a separate color is allotted to each and every user to edit or work on the same document, there are infinite level for Undo,

You can also get some space for your team work demo or showcase on a sub domain for free here.
Co-Browse, work-on, share the Internet, any web page with free apps, with anyone in real-time!
Co-Browse, work-on, share the Internet, any web page with free apps, with anyone in real-time!

Why French ISP, Free is Eyeing Big Google Revenue Pie of its Ads?

French low cost fame ISP, The Orange (Free's), seeks a Google toast (this time not only with peanut butter but) with champagne!

When China blocks Google, or its products from its soil, it could be understandable; 

If Pakistan blocks YouTube of its physical territory reportedly as of religious sentiments, it is again understandable;

Egypt, Syria or such blocks whole of the World Wide Web / internet as of huge human demonstrations, we understand,

Well, we are neither advocating for good nor bad of above examples, who am I? Nations like UAE, Dubai or MENA countries blocks free or low cost VoIP communication forever, as the fear of revenue losses to traditional telephony providers, nobody could do anything, still we are proud that Internet sans physical geographical borders?!

Huh! who says, still the Governments of the countries blocks, molds or threatens this world wide free media according to their needs or deeds, someone wishes money, others wants the curtain on their homeland news, or when there is nothing this is the name of the religion which is the ultimate weapon in this modern, high tech, fanatic world community?! 

Anyways, this time a French ISP (claimed to be the second biggest in France) known as ‘FREE’ has challenged the Google, which would be historic to re-write the internet rules!

FREE wants a big share in Google’s BIG-BIG revenues! Free may be disrupting the ISPs but why to touch Google, they have evolved to this stage by their human or robotic artificial intelligence skills!

How Google Earns or generates Big Money from air (internet)?

Google’s primary earning comes by way of its Advertising model, known as Google Adsense ads or Ads by Google, these ads are served alongside on its search results, and also on the web sites or blogs of people like us, to whom Google shares and pays whopping 68% share of its ads revenue and 51% of search ads revenues!

Google search  results with ads: Google Adsense ads or Ads by Google
Google search  results with ads: Google Adsense ads or Ads by Google
French ISP Free needs revenues to handle Google’s ‘originated’ traffic! But why? Is this Google’s traffic? Do Google owe that? If Not, than why to pay money to anyone?

French ISP FREE had blocked the Ads by Google on January 3rd, 2013 (refreshed the modems’ software to stop the Google Adsense ads), for no visible reasons (opened again now on January 8th, 2013) over its French ISP, they seek a revenue share from Google to serve their ads with the content using FREE’s ISP in France? OMG! Niel Xavier of FREE French ISP is one of the brains behind FREE!

This step caused a massive rumpus in the internet world and search giant Google which has but to heed the Niel Xavier’s Co. demands!

Background (‘perhaps’) for this huge internet hiccup?

It is being said the Google have spent $130m or so on a grand French palace … may be this move of the Google is now tracked by the French ISP- FREE to check the deep rooted pockets of digital giant Google!

"IN 2011 Google spent over €100m ($130m) on grand 19th-century digs in Paris which look a little like the Elysée Palace, the official home of the president. That may have been a mistake. The firm’s deep coffers have now attracted the attention of Xavier Niel, an entrepreneur who delights in making pots of money at the expense of the establishment."

Is the spirit is healthy to make them wealthy?

No and Yes! ‘Blackmailing’ of any type is never being good, in general, but a business model based on concrete facts and deepful thoughts and usability model using brain is always good,

First, who will decide that why Google should pay to French ISP Free, Google’s role is just to drive ‘traffic’ to the WebPages which are most relevant in its SERPS (search engine results pages); a highly hi-tech algorithm from Google to determine the relevancy of any web site!

Second, Ads by Google are not only shown on their search engine pages, but also on the websites and personal blogs of huge internet people, like us, who Google says as Publishers, so why Google is responsible, if any, to pay for the money earned by its publishers to French Free?

Third, If Google makes a good bye to French FREE, than what will they do, I think without Google, internet is a dumb place and if there is no internet, what will FREE ISP serve to its own customers? French men (and also women) will brick-bat FREE?!

Fourth, if Google, agrees to pay recurring stream of money to FREE, than why not other French ISPs, than UKs’ ISP, US ISP, India’s ISP, Germany's ISPs or so …will demand their such ‘share’ to show, what they say as Google’s content, what will Google do?

Fifth, … after worldwide ISPs, the individual Governments of many nations may seek their share or a Google TAX, than what would happen to this net neutrality or free flow of data on the internet? After this, few other unknown entities (e.g browser makers, operating systems, hardware, mobile, PC makers and many unknown as of yet), will make a push for Google money, money lures all and everybody i the world seeks it without doing a work for FREE!

Sixth, the content which generates or originates using Google search engine is NOT at all owned by the Google in strict sense, the point is to be noted, Google is a free search engine, people do not pay here to search any query, than why Google pay the money it earns of his ads (its proprietary and patented smart technology based on very intelligent algos.), and from where they will pay?

... say, if I help and tell the path or correct way to reach a place to a stranger, than do I owe that path? No! Same alike Google only helps in finding the search queries, and do not owe the sites or results embedded in its proprietary algorithm, than why should Google pay money to anyone, just to help an internet user? 

If due to Google or YouTube, your ISP is congested, this is your problem, people love to watch FREE YouTube videos, who could stop them, and why? Google is just a platform, if  it has its intelligent revenue model, than why to greed of it?

... should any newspaper/magazine is good to ask a big Hollywood star or celebrity (as he/she earn big $s), that we have published the story, breaking news or news on you, you should now pay us or share some revenues with us? This is sheer an absurd thing, this is none of their business, the newspaper or magazine earns of their customers and to publish or not to is their business, who force them? 

Like should be with ISPs or data/mobile carriers they should do their own business or providing data to their customers, charge them or give them free, but how to ask revenue share from the content providers or search engines in the name of data congestion etc.?

Sixth, any ISP charges its own customers, to show the content, itself; by the way of subscription or such, this is their revenue model, than why French FREE wants multi-way revenues ahead of those worldwide ISP norms? Ok, this is fine to block the nudity, violence, arms, tobacco related content, we know, but how could FREE block the ads?

Seventh, why only Google is the culprit? There are many other Ads providers online: Yahoo-Bing; Facebook; Chitika … and millions, than why only Google? Oh Google tops the ad revenue chart in online world, so it should be kept on ‘point-blank’? This is just greed of money, not a healthy business practice!

Let's understand clearly

Say, a newspaper X serves the ads, it loads the newspapers to distribute each morning in a network or trucks, trains and fleet of air planes, to reach each morning to its readers!

Here you can deem to be X as Google, transportation means as French ISP FREE and newspaper readers are as the Google search users!

Now, if the truckers, train network or air plain fleet demands that they should be get paid also for the load of ads published in the newspaper that they carry, would this is reasonable for a sane brain? This is a sheer CHEATING & BLACKMAILING, they are already being paid to carry the actual loads or services they are being doing, but why for ads? No this is insane, ads are none of their business!

… Like wise, the French ISP has nothing to do with the ‘load’ of ads, which Google serves, this is not the biz or revenue model of an ISP, they are already charging their ‘own’ customers for providing the data, which is the only work of an ISP, providing or selling data services by the way of subscription etc.!

In the above incident, the only difference is of ‘ownership’, the newspaper publisher, owes the company thus paying the money to fleet of transporters, and charging from the readers for the content;

… but in case of Google search, they still not owe that traffic in strict sense, which originates of using their search engine, they even do not charge money from the Google users, and French or any ISP is just a carrier to provide data, AS IT IS (without a block, unless it is offensive or such) to its customers or national interest etc., than why Google SHOULD pay to FREE?

If French FREE can dare to live without Google search engine, than they 'should' block the entire, in toto,  Google universe but a partial blockage only of its ads is condemn-able thing, this is like that you are stealing content of Google searches, with a wish, without paying them, or better to get rich of them, seeking your revenues in their pie?, how could you show the results of Google, by deleting their ads, this is like a hacking or defacing the search giant results! Unethical one!  

If you will block the Google in toto, your customers will either force to use illegal proxies etc. or they will say you good bye for ever, could you afford this? Think before doing … Google is not a hobby or a habit  it is the need of our daily lives, like brushing, eating or sleeping, don't spoil Google!

Let the giants decide, this is in-between ‘titans’, but we want a free internet, worldwide with no international or national boundaries ever!

Let us not eye or try to 'hijack' anyone's  else revenue model, if that is too big, too fat : ) Do not go for the yellow journalism based revenue models!

Hey the French ISP Free, you know that there is no such thing like a free lunch : (  


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