Using Skype At Work

Easy and fast video connection is now made possible, all thanks to the latest technology and software that we get to enjoy nowadays. With more than 400 million people using and enjoying Skype globally, it's no wonder why many offices prefer to use Skype at work. 

Companies are slowly realizing how big the role of technology is in expanding their business in terms of communication and reaching out to their target market.

So it's about time companies wake up and smell Skype. Below are just some of the few ways you can use Skype at work,
Sending messages, screenshots and making video calls to another Skype user is absolutely free of charge. With Skype, you can reach clients and business partners from different parts of the world, effectively reducing your phone bill. You can even make mobile and landline calls for lower rates, compared to other phone service providers. In fact, a survey conducted in 2007 shows 95% of companies have started using Skype for making calls, so they could cut costs and save more on their profits.
2. Track phone bills
Monitoring all your expenses is a must if you want to manage your business' operating costs. With Skype in the work place, you can easily manage Skype accounts of your employees, making it possible for you to keep track of their call costs and budgets. This way, you can budget your calls easier and identify how you can make the most out of your profits.
3. Keep in touch with your colleagues
Groups working on the same project can easily coordinate with each other through Skype. With Skype's instant messaging, your employees can send messages to each other, even while they're working on their own cubicles. They can even send files instantly, with its file transfer feature.
4. Connect with customers
No matter what the size of your business is, your customer will always be your priority. So why not give them a high quality service, without burning holes on your financial accounts, with Skype's service? Customers can now call you with a click of the button on your website and with Skype's low rates, they won't have a moment's hesitation to contact should the need for it arises.
5. Interview with Skype
Interviews can cost you an arm and leg for travel and accommodation costs for potential employees for your company. With Skype, you can conduct interviews anytime, anywhere, which saves both you and your interviewee time and money. Besides, your future employee will feel more comfortable and less nervous, if the interview is conducted while he is at the comfort of his own home.
6. Improve efficiency through add-on software 

Some people have had such experience that they take notes while they are making a Skype call in case they forget important details afterwards, with the risk of missing other details during the call, while it still takes longer time and keeps the other side waiting. Now with Skype recorders such as SuperTintin, this problem is totally solved. The conversation can be recorded and played back whenever it’s needed. Also, For companies and managers that conduct job interviews via webcam, recording those conversations means they can easily go back and review each candidate in-depth. 

Skype VoIP at work
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