Free BBM Video Calls & Screen Sharing on Blackberry 10

Who says that RIM-Blackberry is outdated and no body could do the live video chat on Blackberry smart mobiles?

So cheer up the Blackberry users, be happy, it is your time ... the free video calling or face-to-face live video chat is about to hit Blackberry 10 - BBM (Blackberry IM) with screen sharing facility!

BB10 QUERTY handset

FYI: Blackberry BBM 7 free voice calling is a hit, and now is the turn of BBM-Blackberry 10 video calling, what else you seek more?!

Say with proud and cheer up: " I still use a Blackberry as Mr.President do

Fingers are crossed for January 30, 2013 now for the Canada's Research in Motion's QNX based Blackberry 10 launching event!

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VoIP on Blackberry Mobiles

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