‘Via Transit’ is the Key Phrase to Navigate along with SIRI on Google Maps over iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (iOS)

How to use SIRI with Google maps direction iOS app?

This trick is strictly for the admirer and fans of Google Maps iOS app to get places and directions, navigate worldwide and armchair globe trotting over your Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iPad Mini etc.,

FYI: Google Map app for iOS has entered once again into the Apple iTunes apps store, ‘they’ say Apple Maps app for iOS is a big disappointment among worldwide users, and they were desperately seeking the re-entry of Google Map apps to iOS Google did it : )

But by default the SIRI, the Apple made virtual secretary for Apple iOS gadgets works only with Apple Maps, not with Google Maps, than should you abandon your SIRI queries which are in your mind to navigate over Google iOS maps? (iOS means iPhone, iPod, or iPad operating system or software),

FYI: Apple's SIRI is a real and living human being in Norway! OMG!

The reply is NO, and yes, you still can just ask SIRI with Google Maps iOS navigation, just a simple trick, use the key phrase ‘VIA TRANSIT’ or ‘BY TRANSIT’ at the end of the each of navigational query and SIRI will be forced or rather understand this and will take you to navigate with Google Maps directions instead of her own native Boss, the Apple maps: ) no jailbreak etc. is ever required.

E.g., ‘show directions to Disney Land via transit’ or ‘show directions to Disney Land by transit’ and your Google Map with SIRI feature would come into an instant action,

Apple may or may not deactivate this feature for Google maps and SIRI wedding, which is meant to be used SIRI only with Apple Maps, time only will tell, until than use SIRI with Google Maps without any hindrance or compulsion to use Apple Maps over SIRI!

Also there is a way to replace Google voice search with Apple’s SIRI smart search!


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