How to convert an old fashioned PC into a super Touch screen Windows 8 tablet

Portronics handmate is the name of the game, this has a little USB fashioned gadget which is even not so expensive (approx $100 or less) and could turn any of your up to 17" screen PC monitor or non-touch screen laptops  into a touch screen enabled device with Windows 8 OS capabilities! 

So it is a bit like using your old PC or non-touch screen notebook like an iPad, Samsung Galaxy Note or such touch enabled tablets!

This is Portronics 'new' touch screen tech gadget having MS Windows 8 could be used with the help of a stylus pen, 

Portonics Handmate a USB based plug-n-play device has the infrared tech with ultrasonic stylus, which is good to use for MS Windows 8, and thus enables mostly all non-touch screen PC/Laptops into touch screen enabled!

Turn you PC / non touch screen laptop into touch screen enabled with Window 8 OS
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