How to do Cross-Platform Data, Photos, Music sharing in-between two mobiles or a PC and Mobile?

The tech world is pioneering towards an unexpected, surprising new world of experiences that are far beyond the imagination of common people.

Everyone loves to chat or interact with their friends and families, staying away miles apart from them. But now you can also share your photos, music from mobile to mobile or from PC to mobile.

Well, it is now possible with an innovative app called as Bump.

Bump app for iOS

Bump app for Android

The modern teens or youngsters all are very well used to this modern disruptive technology. The new ever disrupting technologies evolving daily have its tight hold over this new generation.

The newer generation too is favorably inclined towards the daily new innovations of gadgets and apps.

cross platform app to transfer data between mobiles or pc or such combination
cross platform app to transfer data between mobiles or pc or such combination
Share contacts, Photos, Music between two mobiles or PC and Mobile, how?

Sending data, photos and files to your friends over Bluetooth is bit boring, un-amusing task. Well, here is simple, fast and fun application called as Bump. Using it you can now share your contact information, photos, and music files with your friends.

As the name implies, Bump, yes, it has similarity in the fist to fist bump you do with your friends like handshake or high-five :)

It's simple, you just have to open the app in your mobile or PC, let the friend to open as well, select the file you want to share, hold your cell phone in your palm and give a high-five to your phone lightly against your friends and files are channelized!

Is it anything like Magic?

Absolutely Not...

The word magic is left far behind following with the new invention and discoveries in tech media. It is nothing like magic or magical happenings in this eminent world of technology.

Well, Bump uses the internet to send files. It is really very fast, with a single eye blink, your file has been transferred to its destination.

Transfer photos from your phone to PC, how?

The app will let you to send photos (only photos) from your phone to desktop. To enjoy this move, you have to first download the Bump on your phone and then head to the Bump website, where you just have to tap a space-bar with your phone and the photos are transferred.

FYI: The photos are transferred to the Bump’s website and not directly to your PC, but you can share the photos on your social network easily.

Have a look over some extra features of Bump:

1.      You can share your contact info; get connected on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

2.    You can find Mutual friends with the people you bump from your social networks and contacts.

3.      You can also share photos and music files with friends and family members.

4.      You can move contacts and photos between the two devices.

For Apple devices, you can sync/transfer the music files too, for Android devices the feature will be added soon.

The app is FREE so try it out, Bump with all your friends, send photos and music files and enjoy the fun all the way, everywhere and anywhere!

Just my thoughts, does any of the creative, innovative app will ever make you get the feel of crispy touch or warm hug of your loved one’s those are miles apart? You can share photos instantly, but you cannot ever share the emotional, crispy touch with of your loved ones ever, still life continuous :)


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