How to sync an iPad with a large TV screen to stream live presentations?

Reform the ways of using your iPhone/iPad with a Kickstarter project (unfortunately the funding was unsuccessful) called AirBridge that connect the iPad smoothly and wireless way with your TV sets!

From now on, your TV can be a good reflector of what you are viewing on your iPad without having any manual or Wi-Fi connection between TV and iPad.

There are extreme changes in the 'extreme' technological world in recent years. The tech gizmos and gadgets had revolutionized the way of living in such an extent that it has become a life necessity for everyone.

Well, here is the Kickstarter project called as AirBridge, a plug-n-play device for Apple’s killer weapons iPad/iPhone that syncs an iPad with large TV screens that allows wireless iOS mirroring.

Have a look on AirBridge

How to sync iPad with TV screen?
How to sync iPad with TV screen?
Ever imagined without any Wi-Fi or any cable connections, how others can keep eye on you work while you are working on your iPad or iPhone?

Well, this could be possible with a Kickstarter project called as AirBridge. It is an extra hardware for Apple devices via which streaming of whatever on your gadgets can be screened on the TV sets cordless way.

AirBridge works remarkably, when you snap the AirBridge handheld piece to your iPhone or iPad and plug the base into a TV, your screen will depict exactly what you are watching on your gadget :)

AirBridge doesn’t need any Wi-Fi, no networks, bla-bla-bla, no power nor any cables keeping you attached to a TV screen. It has the ability of creating a Wi-Fi network when needed also can handle easy file sharing and device-to device iOS mirroring.

The project’s Kickstarter page states,

“We want technology to play effortlessly well with other technology. We want it to act     like a silent servant- reliable, durable and making lives easier, and in a way that’s not frustrating, unnecessarily difficult or complicated to use.”

As it is a Kickstarter project, currently only iOS devices are supported, however, the creators have plans for other platforms too if this project gets success.

Features of your AirBridge

-You can share files, presentations to other iOS devices that have AirBridge App installed in a full HD mode.
-The users will also able to take notes, snaps, and screenshots and can even record videos.
-File sharing could be easier once AirBridge is plugged into your iOS device via drag-and-drop to other devices.
-You can also stream movies and games with a resolution of up to 1080p, with no quality loss at all.

AirBridge is going to be a knock-down entertainment tool. The main goal of its brilliant creators is to give a seamless and effortless plug-and-play to its users.

Best wishes :)

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