Apps to Send Short Video Clips & Photos which Disappear within Seconds

Real Time Picture and Video Chatting; ... Media which self destroy or expires in user defined time (self timer) using these Apps

Communication and that is too the mobile communication on the Go has become vital and taking the lives as such of our current generation, we love to chat, we love videos, so here is the app which could be pre-defined in terms of time,

You can send text, photos or short clips of videos, define time to get self-erase of them, and they will reach the destination and get disappear or self destroyed in the time pre-defined by you so no one could be save them, photos and videos are for watching, they will watch but could not hold them on their cell phones or tablets, as this was your wish!

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There are a few great apps for sending, the self deleting photos or videos:

1. SnapChat: This self expiring photo app is very popular among the users who love to chat with videos or photos, they pre-set the time, send the desired multimedia and after hitting the inbox of intended  the media gets deleted in right time, and if they have taken a screen shot than you would be notified too by this app, but there is NO guarantee that your videos or photos are safe, if they have been screen shot either! 
2. Facebook Poke: This encrypted Poke, photo, video chat app is of course by Facebook theonline social giant,

Why People will use video or photo apps that will delete the rich media within seconds or in a timer-set pre defined time?

To control how much your photo, text or video should be visible to your friends, and to avoid getting involved in sexting or who do not want that their pictures or videos must be preserved for a long, will use these apps,  

SnapChat Versus Facebook Poke self expiring video-photo chat
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