Free App uses In-Photo-Face Recognition to Capture, Add & Share Contacts

Say you are in a conference room, and want to message or communicate with that 'unknown' people, who are also present with you in that very conference, now you can communicate with them now over Twitter, Facebook (FB), LinkedIn, Foursquare etc. online social networks, using a unique communication app which works on facial recognition capturing to add and share contacts, it is known as: CARDIGN (literally ‘cardigan’ means a sweater), a Toronto, Canada based communication and utility iOS app!

What this facial recognition communication photo app provides: Features -

* It is able to explore or find the conferences which are going on and around the Globe,
*Just shoot a snap or a photo of anybody, to instantly get his/her contact details, online,
* The best is that this app, ALWAYS provides for the refreshed or latest online contact info for that people, whom you have met!
*Free app-Cardign works tremendously and constantly it makes sure that you may never loose a touch with any of your contacts … they say that “It's an address book on steroids!
* The app adds any contact using face or image recognition technology or by email address, very quick and very easily! It even auto-updates your address book to ensure that you may never loose a touch any more with yours!

Face Recognition Photo App
Capture anyone's photo and know ALL about him/her by this iOS free App
TechCrunch further explains:

“… For one thing, the app requires that users have downloaded it and shot three photos of them to be added to its database in order for it to be able to recognize them. That means that to be initially useful, it needs to get users on board…”

This technology something is parallel to closely with Google’s Goggle, things or place recognition and / or Augmented Reality technology over mobiles and tablets!

… Do not only wear a ‘cardigan’ now also have it on your iOS 4.3 or later, as an app from iTunes over iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, iPhone 5 or iPod Touch, use it anywhere without a 'misuse' or annoying anyone, in meetings or so, catch the people’s image, know them and get them with you in your communication!


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