An Enterprise Private-Secure-Social Network or Team Collaboration Network for Any Business

Unlike Tweets, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. when you do not want to reveal all of your communications to  be public, Yammer could be one of the best secured and social-team collaboration and conversation networking tool for your team or company.

Yammer is a private and group communication-collaboration tool and to use Yammer one should have a company email addresses sign-in into the network. After setting up of Yammer team private social network, this is a  cool micro-blogging service like anyone, and now you are free to update the status of your projects, or you may send messages to others, also you can and form the groups for a private team collaboration & communications inside your company,

And when you are indulge in a group conversation and communication which needs help from your co-employees, now you can also share it with any specific guy using instant message and/or even you can do this with another new group.
An Enterprise Private Social Network or Team Collaboration Network for Any Business
Enterprise Private Social Network or Team Collaboration Network for Businesses
Yammer is now the part of Microsoft Office Division. The basic version is free but enhanced services require a premium, it is a freemium model social enterprise network.

In brief, Yammer is an Enterprise private social network, it fetches all-together the employees, conversations, communication, content, and business data etc. all in one and unique location. 

Yammer’s social team networking communities could be accessed over PC, web, cell phones, tablets viz. Apple iPhone, iPad, and also over Windows Phone, RIM-Blackberry, Android thus you are always in the team communication via your “virtual office”  on the Go,

Get Yammer Apps for your mobile, PC, tablet etc.

The best is hat Yammer is easy to get integrated with systems like Microsoft SharePoint, thus you can create the social layer all-across the enterprise applications.

It says:

A single place for users to read and track the conversations that matter most. Inbox aggregates and tracks @mentions, announcements, conversations, and private messages.”

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