Google's Tribute : Kindle a Candle for Damini: In Memory of the Delhi Braveheart Girl!

Damini, was a 'brave heart girl' and a medical student in her 23, from New Delhi, India, who is no more because of some goons, no words, our feelings and prayers are always with her, with our wet eyes!

Stop Press:

I am really sorry, I lack words or perhaps a moral courage to republish her 'struggle story' here on this blog, you may if you want to know, open the link at the end of this post or may search Google!

Love of a Machine, Search Engine or Google Bots towards us Humans is Adorable : ) 

The biggest search engine, the Google, on the web is more than any human with lots of sentiments, I always use to say, 
Google's Humanistic Tribute : Kindled a Candle for Damini: In Memory of the Delhi Braveheart!

Today Google India, on its home page has kindle a candle in memory of the Delhi Braveheart this is an unusual human spirit and phenomenon communicated by Google on its home page, on howering the mouse over this candle it says as:  in memory of the Delhi Braveheart,

I had seen and you might have too, many Doodles, featured on Google landing page, time to time, but I could not remember that if I have seen such a 'tribute' to any individual or human on Google's property as of yet?!

This was one of the 'rarest of the rare' moments with that unfortunate of our Indian sister, and perhaps Google have won our hearts by kindling a small candle for her! 
Google's Tribute : Kindled a Candle for Damini: In Memory of the Delhi's Braveheart!
Google's Tribute : Kindled a Candle for Damini: In Memory of the Delhi's Braveheart!
We never thought that the year 2012 would come to an end like this, a bid adieu with tears in our eyes and the pain in our hearts and still we would not be able to do any thing : ( just but of taking candles to the streets!

All of the modern world is only a mute spectator, law enforcement could rarely be relied on ever here, thus all our prayers and eyes are with the Gods and may God give her Soul R.I.P. and a courage to her loving family to bear the 'big loss', which is un-reparable for this genre of humanity ... Amen!

Bollywood's superstar Amitabh Bachchan recited a poem in Hindi in remembrance of dear Damini, whole of the India is at a rage, 'pause', feeling helpless and crying, time has stopped for us, it seems: 

... zindagi to bewafa hai, ek din thukrayegi; maut mehbooba hai apne sath lekar jayegi ...

(... 'life' could never be relied on/trusted, it will reject us a day; 'death' is the darling, it will keep us and take away...)


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