Free Calls: Canada to India; US, Canada

3 Sikh students of Indian descent studying at Canada at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) have initiated a project SYNQH Telecom (rhymes as 'Singh', as Sikhs are also known as 'Singh' in India), which is based on traditional advertising revenues to make free long distance and free international voice calls,

How this works?

Currently this works only from Calgary (Canada) to India, US, Canada, AND will spread to more Canadian destinations soon to dial free long distance and abroad phone calling,

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They provide you a local access number (so you have to pay only local call charges to dial India or US or this too will be free if your local calls are free bundled package), the free calling could be done over any or existing landline, cell phone or any old fashioned mobile etc,

This is NOT a VoIP call, it is a traditional phone call which is free for you as it is supported by 15 second voice Ads, which you have to forcibly hear, if you wish to make that a free call : ) Total length of free calling is up to 30 minutes, per login according to them,

These free overseas and long distance calling will please the people of Indian and South Asia origin living in Canada and also to the guys who call frequently to the USA or locally, also good calling option for free to homes in India for the international students studying in Canada!

The things which are 'impossible' in India, how could be they easy one in the West ... Wish you the luck, the young entrepreneurs of the Synqh Telecom for 'disrupting' the traditional telephony! Freebies are always a thing of joy for ever, in the seven continents! 

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