Call Party: French Orange Mobile to Mobile Free Facebook Group Calling!

After mushrooming online social networks, this is the turn of free online social group mobile phone calling to Facebook friends, (VoIP) this is by the French telecom Orange’s initiative with Facebook,

Party Call is a venture in which Orange wireless telecom of France has joined its hands with biggest online social network, the Facebook and it will enhance the users’ usability on the FB and is one of the biggest example of disruptive telephony of our recent times,

… it would be great to make a free group I.P. phone call to Facebook friends on their mobile phones (using mobile Facebook on iPad, Tablet or desktop etc.) even without knowing their phone numbers, they could be international friends or may be local, the distance does not matter here, but still we have to wait and watch for the Frances' Orange Telecom's announcement! 

Perhaps they will use their latest free VoIP calling app LIBON for the very purpose, LIBON is Orange's tag line which says as: 'Life is Better On'!

Party Call (Facebook partnership)


Orange describes as:

“when the conversation becomes "social"…it changes my life ...

I invite my friends from Facebook to join a conversation without having to know or call their mobile number; I give them the opportunity to join the call at any time. I simply link confidentially my Facebook account to my mobile phone number and then invite my friends to do the same.

How does it work?

Following a major feature of the strategic partnership between Orange and Facebook, this solution "conference call public" can talk directly with friends from the social network: conversation between two or more, the distinction between public calls and private calls, display activity "voice" on the wall of the users.
Once a friend organized or joined a public appeal, a post is published and close friends can join in their turn.

It is when?

Call Party will arrive on Facebook during the first half of 2013 and will grow gradually Joyn compatible features.

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