How to Turn your Twitter-Facebook IDs into your Snail Mail Address?

People are getting crazy and that, the technology is insane!…This technological age is getting us even more cranky day-by-day and ‘they’ say, that this is the evolution, disruption or enhancement of the technology thus of the human lives?! is a mission to blend your online life into your offline life, to say, you can convert your social IDs like Twitter and/or Facebook to your postal address, work, home or anywhere, it is your choice,

Now let your contacts to communicate you at this newest social postal address which will ‘redirect’ your FB or Twitter handle to your brick & mortar’s address! This is free to use!    
The ‘goal’ of this UK web innovation Sopost site is that the things we love or owe should not be changed ever like our Twitter handle or Facebook account ID, email ID, our phone number etc, than why do not convert them into your postal address,

turn your twitter, facebook into your postal address
Redirect your Twitter, Facebook into your postal address
“An address should be where you are, or where you want things to be sent, rather than the last postcode somebody has for you,” says SoPost founder Jonathan Grubin.

redirect your twitter, facebook into your postal address

TechCrunch describes the best advantage of using your social IDs as your postal address is:

“Upon signing up via one of their social IDs, users can add addresses (such as home, work, university halls, locker boxes, etc.) to their SoPost accounts and create a schedule so that the service knows where they’re going to be when a delivery is on its way. To the sender, the ‘place’ that they’re sending to (e.g. a Facebook account) remains a constant, with the re-routing happening behind the scenes.

So if you are always on your toes or on the move, or a backpacker than you should use this service for sure to ensure that while your physical address changes always, your social IDs may ensure your offline mail deliveries as you can always update your ‘dynamic’, ‘temporary’ or ‘daily’ offline address-es linked to your ‘constant’, ‘unique’ or ‘static’ social IDs! 

redirect your twitter, facebook into your postal address

Also this is useful when you do not want to reveal your exact geographic real location to anyone!

… OMG, this is something like, redirecting one domain onto another one, in simple layman tech language! Your social IDs will work as a proxy for your real physical postal address!

This will ensure that the people can send you parcels, gifts, mail, free branded merchandise, freebies etc to your social IDs thus to reach the correct postal address, and there will be no worry of any missed delivery card dropped etc. via your letter box!

... Even the Facebook creator, Mark Zuckerberg would scale the Cloud-9 when he will see how much his little creation the Facebook has grown and has developed wings to sweep away all of the sky, was he aware while designing the FB, that he is designing the future for this world, an innovation or may be an addiction?! 

How it works? Example:

They explains as: 

"We're currently rolling out the ability for your friends and family to send things directly to you through the postal network, and we're launching a number of campaigns that let you use your social IDs as your postal address.

For example, we're working with Noel Gallagher at the moment, and you can send his new DVD to your friends' Facebook accounts at"

…What we even could not think, they can design for their users, hats off to the creativity, wit and usefulness, of the ‘cranky minds’ behind this : ) Keep it up!!!

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