A Private-Social-Connected-Auto-Updating-Address Book iOS App between Friends!

This creative tech wonder is something unique to be found anywhere on the net or on any app … Addappt!

… say, you just changed your contact information, profile etc. viz. mailing address, picture, cell phone numbers etc. or more in this app, and to your amazement all of your updated info itself would be AUTO updated across all of your connected friends’ address books too, who also use this app,

-This free iOS app works only app-to-app, i.e. all of the connected phones should have this free app and they should be iOS  ONLY (currently no Android etc.),

Oooh it seems to be easy, yes, it is easy for the users’ perspective, but imaging how tough it might be a task to think, design and creating for us and for our iOS connected gadgets: Apple iPhone, iPad, Mini iPad or iPod Touch!

The Addappt connected address social private diary, for iPhone-s, iPad-s, iPods, iPad Mini-s etc.

app which auto syncs AND UPDATES address books of connected iOS devices, it is free
App which auto syncs AND UPDATES address books of connected iOS devices, it is free 
This is indeed that social address book, private between iOS connected friends only, which gets auto updated as and when you or your friends updates their connected address books, so:

Forbes explains its working a bit:

“Because the app syncs with the iPhone’s local address book, it doesn't have to store all the contacts on its server, and it doesn't do so, says Desai, who was also previously an executive at LinkedIn.”

According to Techcrunch:

"There are also no privacy settings in Addappt. As noted above, your info is only shared with those who have your info in their books already upon your approval. (Matches are “pending” until you approve them)"

-This smart always-up-to-date address book app dilutes the manual updating,
-This also helps you to keep a track on your nomad friends,
-This app is good for planning like for wedding or event management etc.,
-Nice app for globe trotters,
-And a utility app for busy Moms or forgetful Dads : )
-Updates mobile, iCloud or desktop contacts,
-Shows local time for any of your connected contacts

Try this free auto-updating address book app for iOS, they say this really-really works : )

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