App which let your photos and photo album speak; gives a voice!

Talking Photos App for iOS (Apple iPhone; iPad; iPod Touch)

Many apps to ‘fiddle’ with the pictures and photos are available in iTunes app stores; there is an app Spokenphoto app (Toronto based) which provides for voice-over session (back end commentary recording) over snaps to make them talk, you can share them or email them and use them for fun and joy for a personal or human touch!

Say, you can use your latest painting’s snap by describing it in your own voice or any sexy or serious voice to be get shared to the world or to your own friends and family, and this is just an example, there are numerous ways to give a real voice to your digital photos and photo albums with this Spokenphoto app,

... do you agree, that a picture is worth thousand words?! Use this talking photos app and connect your local or long distance family on the Go over iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mini iPad etc. 

Check this photo with embedded audio into it, how this technology works!


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