Get Viber VoIP app for Nokia, Samsung Bada, make free calls to anywhere in the world

Viber, the most popular, widely liked mobile VoIP-HD calling app has already grounded its roots in and around 200 + countries and is all set to take the disruptive telephony world at new heights and new experiences.


The innovative app has been designed that allows its users to make calls and send texts to anywhere in the world for Free. You can make the calls and send messages all over the globe with one who had already downloaded Viber on their smart phones.

Currently, Viber had conquered Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows Phone, iPhone/ iPhone 4 and is now moving speedily in bringing its free calls platform to Symbian and Bada handsets (Nokia Lumia etc. and Samsung Bada).

The modern disruptive telephony world is consistently progressing in its field for the advancement of common people by taking care of their needs and necessities.

Viber is already available in Android, Apple iOS and is popular worldwide among its users and now Viber Team has announced it reach for Nokia and Samsung Bada users too.

Viber VoIP for Nokia and Samsung Bada

Well, the Viber will be now available for Nokia and Samsung Bada,

Viber team is proud for its free instant messaging and calling for the Symbian and Bada handsets all over the world.

The contact numbers, who already have Viber installed, is automatically identified by Viber and you just have to click the number and start talking or messaging anywhere, anytime. No need to search for usernames or sending invitations. Just enjoy a hassle-free chat all the way along!

With Viber you can:

            Send and receive free texts and picture messages along with location sharing.
            Send group messages with up to 15 friends.
            It supports 3G and Wi-Fi service.
            No registration or password or invitation required to get connected.
            It is synchronous with exiting contact list of Samsung Bada and Nokia.

Viber is really good to use with all its free services as well as excellent 24 x 7 customer service.
Shoot the breeze or send messages locally or throughout the world as much as you can for Free!


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