How to get free talk-time for using Facebook on mobiles or Tablets?

How to make free phone calls, just for using Facebook?

Facebook has a FREE talktime offer and referral offer to entice its fresh users, using FB via their mobile devices (cell phones, iPad, Android tablets, Galaxy Note, tab or such) by proposing a talktime worth Rs 50 ( = approx $1) for free in India.

Facebook is experimenting the most modern marketing channels to lure its users in India (India is one of the largest base of users for Google’s Orkut and Facebook) by offering a 50 Rupees (almost $1) free calling credits when the new users sign up to Facebook via their mobile phones, only.

It also extends an additional credit of Rs 50 for the users when any reference of a friend is made to sign up for Facebook with mobile phones.
How to get free calling credit to use Facebook via tablets / cell phones?
How to get free calling credit to use Facebook via tablets / cell phones?
Facebook is the most popular and is recognized as a valuable social networking online brand in the social networks when social media like Twitter, Bing, Google + are considered.

In the very small time frame India has an unprecedented growth of mobile phone users and mobile internet users, only after China! Thanks to their unchecked viral growth of population and very cheap call rates!

India has the second largest Facebook users and moreover, the social network intends to flourish its contact in the country by favoring the mobile users. Thus an initiative from Facebook, talktime aims to increase its growth in the rising market the INDIA, where the users are more price sensitive in using their phone credits for voice talks and texts messages, it could be said to be an amazing and incredible Indian regime of MISSED CALLS, which works very well for communication and conversation here in a large manner, 

... as you know a missed call is always free but it significantly conveys the very purpose for the missed call giver and for the receiver both, the both end understands this unique non-verbal money saving way of communication.

More interesting things about the free Talktime

In the first look freebies like the free talktime seems to build one more bridge between Facebook and its users using Facebook on mobile devices.

The process of registration is quite simple. The user registers himself/herself to Facebook through their mobile phones using the URL: and the users’ mobile number will get credited by Rs 50.

FYI: this offer is for the new, fresh registrations and is only valid if registrations are done via MOBILES or mobile devices, PDAs, tablets etc. only.

The users have to fill the necessary information pops on the screen. The fresh users don’t require any email address to complete the signing process. All you have to do is to give your cell phone number and within three days the talktime of Rs 50 will be credited in the user’s account.

They say:
“We partner with a number of telecoms companies around the world, many of whom offer incentives for their customers to use Facebook, such as zero rating mobile Internet access to the service. This test is another such initiative.”
This initiative would certainly help Facebook to gain more popularity in India. However, it is likely to get more fake profiles or spam users on the social network.

Interestingly, if the scheme becomes successful, Facebook sooner would have large number of users in India who operate Facebook using their mobile phones.

Join the social network; Facebook revolution is on, Facebook already have an offline office in Hyderabad India, just register yourself for free Talktime calling credits and chat and text on the go! Thank you Facebook!!!

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