How to get Free 3G Mobile Broadband in UK for iPad & Laptops?

Get your Free 3G Mobile Broadband Internet connection in UK now!

After it is the free 4G give away in USA, this the turn of UK guys to get free 3G mobile broadband, but how, read below ...

What you have to do is, buy a SIM card or a dongle from SAMBA MOBILE, and get started for a free 3G connectivity (Samba’s 3G service gives speed up to 7.2MB/second) in UK (Europe), at the point of access, 


This is not the WIFI service but a real 3G data plan for your smart gadgets, mobiles and tablets! SAMBA with mobile operator Network 3, is providing you the free 3G access in UK,

 FYI: the Samba Mobile is giving away, free 3G mobile broadband internet in exchange for watching video adverts, with a Spanish start-up Yuilop, Yuilop gives away the free VoIP calls and SMS to its customers over Android and Apple iOS apps, they have tied up in an exclusive and strategic partnership and will co-promote each other’s user bases!

 Modes operand i is simple and nice, simply watch some videos ads / content from the brands that you love to earn free data. Not a bad deal, after all the free lunch is a misconception? and you have to ‘toil’ a little to ‘earn’ the freebies!

 The free data credits do not holds any expiry, and if you seek something quick than go for the 30-day bundles, which can be purchased for some British Pounds : )


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