A ‘Siri’ for Facebook: Voice Communication on the Go!

Apple’s intelligent female virtual personal assistant (PA) or smart iOS mobile software, ‘SIRI’ is bringing the same approach for Facebook from now onward, but this app is not by Apple!

WonderVoice unlike Apple’s Siri is a new hands free personal virtual assistant for Facebook that allows you to interact with Facebook and making your social networks and apps reachable on the go, a technology which is recommended in mobile voice communication.
Get Siri like app for your Facebook
Get Siri like app for your Facebook

Till now everyone should be familiar with Apple Inc’s intelligent voice recognition, virtual personal assistant app the SIRI. Within a short span of time, Siri has gained a big name and fame, credits to Apple’s creative, brilliant brains :)

What is WonderVoice? Curious brains check it out here…

The voice control technology is not only widely admired but also becoming a popular way of handling electronic gadgets from smart phones to TV’s. Also Facebook is becoming the integral, inherent part of today’s generation.

The living style and human life has been completely changed with the evolution of the modern disruptive technologies.

 WonderVoice, a new iOS application had painted another stroke on this vast canvas of tech world and is approaching the same facilities, (like Siri for Apple), for the Facebook.

The app allows its users to listen to content from Facebook while you are busy with other work or so. You can say it’s an audio-based virtual assistant for Facebook that is joining its hands with the booming environment of Apple’s Siri.

Working of WonderVoice

The idea of developing a voice-controlled interface for Facebook is really a challenging one and WonderVoice is surely pointing a way we may be interacting with social site in future.

The intelligent voice controlled platform for Facebook permits you to interact with Facebook and offers to read a loud, your News Feeds, messages and also your Events Calendar as well as allow you to update your status, watches who is online, who is nearby and many more such things. 

Also you can command the app to play your favorite music from Spotify and YouTube!

WonderVoice is completely Hands-free app, allow you to control, consume and create content by your own voice making the reach your social networks easier.

FYI: Using this app, not everything can be controlled by your voice. There are some situations where a tap of “Done” button or a flick with finger to the next wall will do. WonderVoice isn’t quite ready to allow you to use Facebook completely with your voice yet, it’s an interesting and a worth app to give it a try.

Some of the prominent features of WonderVoice app

It is the first artificial intelligent voice platform designed for Facebook that understands all types of content including shortcuts, acronyms, smiley’s, names and many other things.

-You can listen to comments; upload a new comment with your voice.
-Also you can listen to stories and status updates from your Facebook news feeds.
-You can play your favorite music shared by your Facebook friend from You Tube or Spotify.
-You can have a live, real-time Facebook chat with your buddies.
-The app is compatible with iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S and iPhone5 too!

Currently, WonderVoice is optimized for US English and so, it available in the US and Canada App Stores. The additional languages and apps are coming soon for WonderVoice.

The app is available as a paid version on iTunes App Store to download, but in coming future the app itself would be free to download.

WonderVoice for Facebook will definitely help you to stay connected, communicated with yours social networks whenever and wherever you are.

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