Real & Safe Bluetooth Cell Phone with MP3 for 3+ kids and it works too!

Do you believe in the saying: 'Child is the father of the man"!

... This present generation is brainy (they are 'geeks' who love gadgets and digital screens) rather than of physique, they love to work in AC rooms, chat, video calling, watch YouTube, do Skype,  play internet games, mobile games and watching TV, they rarely love to play outdoors when digital screen is available, the kids of our times are like that irrespective of the country or continent, they resemble on whole of the Earth, unlike the kids of 70s to 90s,

The cell phones and tablets and also the advent of WWW has disrupted whole of the scene, the now children are really intelligent and no dumb like their older generations, they are fast and they are poised, they are determined and confident too, anyway,

We tend to scare to give the cell phones or iPad tablets etc. to our kids, we think they will damage them or may be the gadget will harm their tender brains, but a Kick-starter project: PIPSQUEAK (by a Mom Angela Smith aka Angel Antista) reveals a REAL cellphone, said to safe, for the 3+ year kids which works with Bluetooth technology, has a MP3 player, could locate kids location, will work with iOS and Android devices and can always pair with Bluetooth devices!

Simply pair this KIDS mobile with your ( like kid’s mom, dad phone ) and the infant will think his/her mobile is working for real, he can make real phone calls via the Bluetooth way paired cell phone, though you can always control the way your child handles his own mobile!

Their tagline is neat and clear: “don’t put 4 inch Smartphone into a 3 inch hand" really cool a message to be! So never snatch away the lovely and one-waychildhood of your kid, should be your motto …

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