QR code scan app (game) for smart mobile & Tablets, pay real cash to scan

In plain and non-technical language, a QR (quick response) code is a piece of some square or so shaped zig-zag type of a software or a tag in looks (something similar to popular bar codes printed on products) which contains all information on a web page, about which that QR code is being generated or populated,

… A Quick Response code could be used on visiting or business cards, products or services, when someone scans it with his smart cell phone or intelligent tablet, it takes he user to a web page which is linked to that QR code, which details all the things which the QR code owner wishes to display,

A Toronto website, Qriket has an app for Apple iOS (Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), when an Apple user scans a QR code using this app, they say, they pay (an incentive) or rather reward the real bucks ($1 to $1000) for this QR code scan & share game using their app, the money is generated by the way of sponsors and such other means of internet marketing for the very purpose,

Internet is full of genuine, honest and one of the most fascinating money making and affiliate programs from home or as a free lancer, the best one is Google’s Adsense.com and YouTube partner program, but alas that internet is also equally full of scams and frauds,

This internet economy or the newest approach to economy has changed the traditional brick & mortar businesses drastically, now each and every organization or any company needs a web space and if they wish it could be well monetized with apps, Adsense or such genuine programs which gives lots of money by way of internet ads! 
Qriket says: "Qriket is the mobile game that lets you and your friends win real money - just by scanning QR codes!"
earn real money with QR scan app over iOS gadgets
Earn real money with QR scan app over iOS gadgets
Qriket QR app is a real social media app which pays real money for scanning QR codes over it,



How to generate colored QR codes in custom shapes which are not strictly square, also display a picture or custom / business logo in it,

How To Create Custom Handcrafted Colored QR Codes for Mobile Sites to Increase Business

What is a Qriket app that pays to scan a QR code? Wath YouTube videos!

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