How to get your Tweets crawled & indexed by Google, Bing for SEO and Organic traffic?

Use to get optimized your Twitter, the best way to share your Tweets!

We know and use Twitter is a virtual world’s # hash tag online social communication tool, which is changing the real world scenes very rapidly,

You can rely on your Twitter page or your time line or can design your Tweets whole page on your own branded domain, but we know all of  the Tweets go astray very rapidly in the Twitter eco-sphere, now we can get benefitted of SEO for our Tweets to fetch more organic search engine traffic and increase the sales, page rank, social bookmarks, decrease the Alexa rank or a greater presence of Google’s targeted traffic on your web property,

Your Tweets will display all along on your own custom domain or on a sub-domain of their pages, and your Twitter account will remain as such, with no distraction at all with the difference that now onward your all Tweets are open to get crawled and indexed by Google and other search engines which will bring more targeted organic traffic of your Tweets thus to your web pages or affiliate links,

talkfree7 Twylah Fan Page

The most useful and widely use communication solution the Twitter of our times will bring lots of sales / traffic to your blog or web property without any extra efforts by using,

How to get indexed and crawled your Twitter Tweets?
How to get indexed and crawled your Twitter Tweets?
To get started at Twitter SEO or you should have:
  • A Twitter handle,
  • Your Twitter handle should NOT be a protected account,
  • You have more than 100 tweets. Or when you reach 100+ tweets, you may apply than,
  • Your tweets should be English. Though currently they support some non-English languages too, but non-English could delay a while for them to send you your debut page.
What they say about their service: 
"Twylah gives you ownership and control over your Twitter content, traffic and monetization. Fully automated, Twylah creates a SEO and consumer-friendly website out of your tweets - all you need to do is tweet."
Power Tweets is a great feature here – it is creating like the landing pages you’re your individual tweets – which surely will increase the engagement of your web audience and SEO efforts > ultimately more usefulness and stickiness to your web sites!

This is something really the 'disrupting web 2.0 tool which belongs to the communication niche and which well communicates with humans as well as Google Bots : ) Keep it up!


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