RIM-Blackberry BBM Voice and Free WIFI Anywhere calling, do it now!

Listen a LAUGH or make a ROAR on a Blackberry in your own voice rather than a LOL in text now : )

Days of broad smile are here for the users and fans of RIM-Blackberry smart business/mobile phones, you can make unlimited free VOICE calls over WIFI to WIFI and BBM to BBM (BBM7 or Blackberry instant Messenger 7),

What they (Canada based RIM maker of Blackberry) say about voice calling over WIFI is: 
… “for the times when you want to hear a friend’s laughter instead of reading LOL”…
On RIM’s Blackberry 10, the BBM 7 would be available and free WIFI (VoWIFI) voice calling could be done, local, domestic, international and anywhere on the Earth, this would work over Blackberry 6 OS or over currently, (BlackBerry 5 OS support will soon follow)

The BBM users would have a split-in screen while making a voice chat over Blackberry mobile, and they could also use other apps while on a FREE WIFI voice call, this is like adding a SIM-free second line for making voice calls on your Blackberry mobile, and app is useful when you have no calling minutes; you are on an international roaming, a poor connectivity etc.,

The good thing is that with this voice feature on BBM7, you are allowed to either make a voice call to a BlackBerry user directly or may be you can instantly switch from text to talk and back again, if you so desire. The split screen feature will make you enable to share talk and text at the same time. 

BBM 7 NOW could be downloaded from www.BlackBerry.com/betazone

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