Get a Biscotti TV Cam/Phone and make free video chat via big screens

Easy conference video calling LIVE from a bed room to board room to TV, to  iPad, to Android and so on...

Connection and communication with your family and friends is easier than ever before with Biscotti TV Phone!

This is the perfect time to say goodbye to small screens, software and face cams and turn your High-Definition TV into a large, easy to use video phone with Biscotti TV Phone.

The physical distances are seemed to be surpassing with the new digital and disruptive tech evolution in the tech world. The world of science-tech is indeed furnished with new apps and gadgets that are beyond the cognitive faculties of an ordinary human beings.

Video Chatting and Video Conferencing has become like one of the daily needs. We always love and moreover eager to meet our near, dear ones’ or our friends who lives apart from us. Live Video chatting in real-time, face-to-face has proved to be a better, easiest way to get connected with them.

Today Skype is one of the most popular VoIP technology used for communication, but the hunger of inventing something new, better than Skype didn't allowed the masterminds to stop till here and thus, Biscotti TV came into existence.

Biscotti TV Phone: Check the real deal here

Do you have a big, beautiful high-definition (HD) TV in you sitting room? Then why still make video calls using the small screens of computers?

Biscotti TV Phone for free video calling
Biscotti TV Phone for free video calling
Just log-on with your Biscotti TV Cam and enjoy the whole new experience of video chatting!

Biscotti TV Phone has opened up a new experience of video chatting. It is a very effective way of getting connected that requires no computers, no monthly fees and no software installation with just small setups to get done.

If you are a non-tech person, yet you can use every features of Biscotti TV easily. It aims to be a video conferencing solution that anyone can set up and use with complete ease.

As the name implies, Biscotti TV just look like an Italian cookies and is developed by Biscotti Company in 2008. It is very sleek, elegant and small in looks and comes with a super-simple remote control.

Free calls to anyone, anywhere with Google Talk

An interesting thing is you can make a free call to other Biscotti and anyone with free Google Talk on their TV’s, Smart cell phones and also on Apple iPhone, iPad or on Android too!

It just takes some minutes to turn your HDTV into a Biscotti TV Cam. Attach your Biscotti in between your TV and Set-Top, connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network and invite your family and friends into your living room!

Have a quick look on the features of Biscotti TV

You can make FREE video calls to anyone from any TV on any device.

The High Definition camera (720 P) and microphone captures the whole room so that every one is easily included in the conversations.

You are able to talk face-to-face with your friends as though you are sitting in the same room.
Stay connected with your family wherever they are from your living room.

You can still receive calls while watching TV.

It is always ready so you don’t have to schedule calls or wait for your computer to start.

No computer or Phone is required, if you have a Wi-Fi and an HDTV, you are ready to start a voice chat session.

Turn your TV into high definition video phone and enjoy chatting with your loved ones anytime!


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