Thanksgiving-Turkey-Free Calls to US Cells & Landlines from anywhere in the world!

On the account of Thanksgiving in the USA, using Localphone you can greet on phone yours for free from anywhere in the world to your US friends and contacts on their cell phone or land line over 3G, 4G, local number dialing or WIFI, you have only to pay the 3G or WIFI charges, if any, to your local telecom operator, and no charges are there to make unlimited free international calls which will terminate to the USA!

You can initiate a free US/abroad call from any phone, old or new, landline or smart cell phone, iPad or Android tablet or a PDA which supports calling!

No fine prints, even you can make 5 minutes test call to anywhere in the world, just login with your Facebook account and get set go in just 1 minute,

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Make Free International calls on/from cell phones, land lines and iPad - tablets:

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To exploit full potential we recommend, later when you are satisfied, buy some calling credits (as low as $1) to make free overseas calls on go at very cheap rates,

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