iOS-FB dirty app that identify & tags ‘shape of bikinis’ just like in face-recognition

Searching (browsing) your beloved’s, daughter's or friends’ vacation album-s  on Facebook and suddenly shocked, Ooops!  to find her in swimsuit or bikini clad provocative pictures? Here is the ‘controversial’ app: Badabing which solutes an automated process by gathering a dossier of females scantly clad in the name of clothing.

This photo or Bikini-photo-app which most probably is causing a huge uproar among-st the Internet users and the common people, is a 'bad' fun iPhone app named as ‘Badabing’ had made its entry on the App Store, intending to help you to find some revealing (but shocking) Facebook photos of your friends instantly!

How Badabing photo app works?

The 'naughty' 'fun' 'adult' application Badabing uses an image recognition technology to search the most exposing pictures from your friends Facebook profile. This photo app or swimsuit app works like many facial-recognition technology app to be found in a video chat program or Facebook’s. But shockingly instead of pin-pointing the human faces, Badabing app identifies the shapes (may be contours too) of a bikini i.e. of a female body?!

…so this mean in-addition to the beach-vacation pictures, the app could return photos of a T-shirt with the framework or an outline of a swimsuit?

Bad app that identify bikini shapes in photos
Badabing, what’s and how’s?

Photo uploading on own Facebook profile is the greatest ever hobby of the users. You can see numerous varieties of photos; birthday party, vacations, personal, family photos that are jam-packed or spread on Facebook pages.

Some of the curious users without any doubt go through a friend’s vacation album to find the most exposing girlfriend's pictures. Badabing here helps those visitors instantly in finding the content they want to.

Badabing was created by Erick Barto. The photo app is currently exclusive for Apple iPhone (iOS) users though its Android version is on the way to hit the market.

This is the fun application that allows its users to search tagged photos and albums from his/her five Facebook friends at one single time. The searched pictures are returned as a list that can be easily liked, shared with others and bookmarked.

The creator of app Erick Barto commented” People have thousands of pictures on a myriad of social networking sites, the purpose of Badabing is to help friends to find specific type of content or pictures quickly”

They say there will always be a technology or device or a platform that can be potentially exploited.

The technology today had reach to a flash point that anything can be searched from anywhere. But why, what’s the use of such technologies that can/may cause harm or hurt someone’s feelings? I think the privacy is clearly a very far away thing from the designers mind while creating such types of application.

Using Badabing, no matter you can crawl for the most revealing pictures of your female FB friends but make sure your comments won’t hurt the feelings of your friend.

The fun and entertainment is fine at a level but should the limits be crossed in any way? The raises concern about the unauthorized use and/or unintended re-use of such revealing exposing sexy photos of young women, posted online.

Badabing App is for fun and entertainment? you better decide, have lots fun and enjoy some great snap moments of your friends, bookmark them and share them without hurting their minds :)


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