Install cloud based call center software and create a call center in 5 minutes

A phone customer support service that allows any small set up to create a call center in just 5 minutes!

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Rolling out a call center successfully tends to be on a high-ticket in today’s scenario as well as a headache for the agents and the workers. As this business usually needs a follow-up with their customers and needs to provide a good customerservice over the phone.

Though the customer service is aiming on new and exciting shapes and frames, most of the call center software’s are very often lacking in keeping attentive watch on customers and delivering the requirements that business is required to give in a particular time frame. Hence, Talkdesk has a cloud-based call center software, a complete customer support tool.

A brief overview of Talkdesk… set up a call center in 5 minutes, how to?

Talkdesk is an application that converts your Internet browser into a call center with just in 5 minutes. It allows you to make and receive calls, have the calls recorded and broadcast.

Talkdesk is browser based software that requires an internet connection. Without any complicated set-up for call center or any kind of installations, your agents can start working with Talkdesk itself.

When a call is dialed to customer service number, the related information of that person is automatically drawn in a browser window along with the complete history. You will have a complete enterprise level of call center set up in just minutes.

The most intelligent feature in Talkdesk is its ability of integration with popular CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems such as Sales Force and Zendesk, but still phone is the main approach of conversations for all businesses.

The service also provides its users a way for them to get clear insights on the calls that the business has made, similar like Google Analytics, but Talkdesk is for your phone system that permits its customers to receive daily reports of the performance of the staff which comes in the inbox of the users.

It also gives a history of customer’s communication, the previous calls made and other information related with call center business. As the service is cloud based all the information is available in the agent’s web browser when customers make calls.

Talkdesk co-founder Tiago Paiva mentioned,” when you have a 360 degree view of the customer, you can better take care of his problems and you don’t have to even ask his name”.

Salient features of Talkdesk as follow:
-All the phone calls made are recorded automatically for easy access that allows you to track interactions with your customers.
- Provides a smooth experience fro the customers by transferring calls to anyone in your firm and the call information will be updates in your CRM, thus, the next agent is informed.
-You can pay as you go, no long term contracts or any hidden infrastructure costs.
-The service instantly records the calls with the necessary information.
-You can also track the performances of your team and can closely supervise your teams work from anywhere, globally.
-Also the local numbers from different countries can be transferred to your Talkdesk.

Install cloud based call center software and create a call center in 5 minutes
Install cloud based call center software and create a call center in 5 minutes

With all the above features Talkdesk, cloud-based call center software is really available to anyone who wants to sign up for the service.

Grab a big ranking in most usable and useful customer support service using Talkdesk :)


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