Get Boingo’s Personal VPN for Wi-Fi App meant for the Windows and Mac

FYI: Boingo has an encrypted VPN which protects the electronic and digital notebooks, tablets or laptops users against public Wi-Fi (hotspot) hackers!

One of the largest providers of public WiFi spots all over the globe, Boingo has a service: a personal VPN (Virtual Private Network) to its Wi-Fi app for Windows and Mac users.

Getting into the word of public Wi-Fi could be hazardous as the security menaces of hacking, viruses, trozans etc. on open and public Wi-Fi networks is arising day by day and many people feeling unsafe and unsecured while surfing on the Internet.

Many of us have significant data on our laptops, tablets, smart cell phones like iPhone, Android, Galaxy Note etc. and on personal machines and those who want to keep their surfing sessions private, they may find some deplorable users un-wanted poking around the same network to extract/steal the data. So it is very important to apply some security measures whenever possible.

Thus, Boingo has made this simple by contributing a personal VPN feature to its Wi-Fi app for Windows and Mac users.

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Boingo, the Wi-Fi industry’s leading provider of software and services updated its version and designed the Boingo VPN (Virtual Private Network) to help and protect users against the common security feats in the public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Previously, the VPN feature was for the company’s iOS apps and has now been turned to its desktop applications. Users having a Boingo account can access the VPN service for free, with one single click.

The VPN services uses the customers Boingo account for authentication purpose and connects users in the closest proximity to help maintain the functioning quality.

Boingo’s Vice president of consumer marketing, Dawn Callahan stated:
“Since we launched the Boingo VPN for our iOS customers this summer, we’ve seen nearly 20 percent of all iOS sessions protected with our simple security solution”.
Boingo’s Personal VPN for Wi-Fi App meant for the Windows and Mac, ios, android
Boingo’s Personal VPN for Wi-Fi App meant for the Windows and Mac, ios, android
Significant features of Boingo personal VPN

-The service users can encrypt their Wi-Fi connection and protect their personal important data from the hackers.
-The connection with Boingo as well as with partner hotspots can be done in just a single click.
-The app gives users the access to 150k+ free hotspots and permitting to find a place to get connected wit reliable hotspots when needed.
-The increased Wi-Fi location directory provides a color-coded rating system for hotspots.
-The service is FREE to all Boingo Wi-Fi users who have set up an account on Boingo.
-Boingo can maintain the same great speed that one needs to have for Skype, VoIP, Google Talk call or even for a Google Hangout.

Understanding the VPN: Virtual Private Network for dummies:

In brief, A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a network technology that makes a secure network connection over a public or a private network owned by a service provider.

VPN gives secured connections between private networks that are linked through the Internet. Also it allows remote computers to behave as though they were on same secured local networks.

Boingo surely aims to provide its users a security that they need with its Free VPN services for Windows and Mac users.

Surfing the Internet using Boingo would be as easier as ever before :)

Tech aspects in this post are handled by Devashree B. [email protected]


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