When the ATT landline phones will be no more, Would the VoIP future?

Lanadline or VoIP international calls? Is VoIP the future?

Do you read the AT&T (American telephone and telegraph company) 'startegy' to phase out its old and landline copper line phones (circuit switched network) and when they say:
"We’ll enter the VoIP future and drag everyone who isn’t already making Skype calls or subscribing to digital voice lines with us."
Why AT&T want to kill its copper network in rural America? Why they want to invest $14 billion in new telephone technology in wireless (like 4G-LTE network expansion) and wireline networks? Is this the end of an era in telephony and communication?

Interesting read here:




But do not worry, if you have to send a fax, you still can send a fax without a landline, you know how?


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