AT&T Real-Time; Auto-SMS Translation Transmission App

A real-time, automatic SMS translation app by AT&T to connect and converse socially with NO barrier of language at all!

In this high paced, progressive age there are no limits or barriers left for communication or conversations. Due to rapid enhancement in the digital technology world, peoples all over the globe are reducing the communication gap between them.

…Communication sans borders with no Language block at all!

The world is getting closer with each passing day, many a times there is a need to communicate with a person who is unknown of our language, but do not worry much because soon you will be able to talk or chat with a friend who is unknown of your language, how?

The mobile carrier AT&T is taking some tests on app that allow the users to send and receive text messages that are automatically translated from one language to another.

Check the real idea here…

Though communication these days is instant, though the communication gap has been reduced with boost in tech field, still I find language separates us. To get victory over this, the masterminds at AT&T are continuously experimenting on a service that automatically restates the text messages written in different language.

For enjoying this application, all you have to do is just to register your phone number with desired language. When a text message or SMS is sent on that number in different language, the text message or SMS is automatically translated before hitting to the related person’s mobile.

The service is network based means you will not require to install any special software on the phones to get started with the service and also works on any cell phone.

This revolutionary, introductory service was demonstrated by Mazin Gilbert, Vice President for intelligent systems research at AT&T labs in Palo Alto, California.

He stated, “If my friend sends me a message in Spanish, then AT&T recognizes the language and translates it to English. Then I can send back in English, and it is translated into Spanish for her. We can go back and forth and have a conversation – we’re trying to break down language barriers between people.”

To start with this service, there is no download or installation of any additional software or no change from an existing service at all.

For the time being, the service only works between Spanish and English. AT&T is working on adding the service to six other languages.

When hit in the tech market, this service could be widely get popular as business becomes more global and communities more diverse. It could be a striking hit among the Spanish speakers in U.S.

Also the service could be preferably helpful for the business tycoons who work with contacts abroad.

Best wishes to AT&T from our team :)

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