How to Expand Battery, Memory, Flash..add extra features to iPhone?

At a glance: iExpander, a smart case for iPhone that expands battery life, a micros SD card and an updated flash for camera.

iPhone 5 is one of the most addictive, exciting iPhone of the year yet. Apple had released the latest version of the iPhone in certain parts of the world. Everyone wants to get their hands on this cult device.

And why not, iPhone 5 truly deserves to be a next generation phone with ultra slimmer gorgeous look and of course, with all its latest updated specs and features.  But there are some of the main criticisms of the device still remain underneath.

There are many iPhone users that usually came across with the problem of low battery and the battery life is actually a center of attention. The users also would like the addition of micro SD card in the device.

Want to captivate the most beautiful; tranquil rays of sunrise as it happen by your iPhone, oh… realized that the flash light is too low to load an image? 

Do not worry much, now there is a clever product in the pipeline called the iPhone iExpander that will offer twice the battery life, a micro SD card for additional storage and an improved flash for the camera.

Check out the real scene over here

Chicago based, Charlie Corry has designed this amazing iExpander product, a device that boost the current specifications of Apple’s iPhone 5, 4S.

Just a thought, usually we never know what an idea would strike in one’s brilliant, intelligent super fast brain. Rather, the end result is quite positive and utile. Charlie Corry and his team are behind the scene of iExpander and as it was a Kick starter project, 

For those who really feel that there is something missing in iPhone 5 features, iExpander is the answer for them. As the name implies, iExpander is a Kick starter project and aims to add more exciting features to iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4.

Let’s have a look on iExpander in brief

The iExpander is a protective case as well as an expansion device for iPhone. It features as extra battery that doubles the iPhone’s battery life and also comes with special circuitry that increases the power to the devices LEDs which in return extends the flash light for capturing good images.

The product also comes with a micro-SD card slot that will permit the users to expand their iPhone memory up to 64 GB. Thus, movies, songs, spreadsheets or any other kind of files that the iPhone supports can be obtainable with just a single click.

Another cool feature of the iExpander is that it will also add protective cover to your iPhone that is manufactured from graphite reinforced nylon which is strong and flexible.

There is only one drawback with the thickness of 6.3 millimeters. Yes, the iExpander case tends to look the iPhone slightly bulkier.

 Apple team with its very inventions had made this new ultra slimmer look of iPhone 5, but the thickness of iExpander  should not matter at all when you get a bigger battery, good LED flash and micro SD card support.

But no need to worry as this is just a prototype; the retail product will be strong, flexible and will be in appealing look.

The case will be compatible for iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and the new iPhone 5 too!

Let us wait and watch till the iExpander hits the tech market!


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