Always-On-Voice-Activated-Intelligent-Robot, Your Personal Virtual Assistant

If you have the skills, than you can easily 'tame' the electronic world of gadgets & gizmos for your own needs, do not let these digital age to get a hold on you, better make a grip on them and use them like a Robot to help you.

An intelligent virtual assistant like Apple's SIRI could be a good option, you can dream of a virtual assistant who can connect you by the way of WIFI to the internet and you can let it use by your voice commands sitting on a couch potato, reading your favorite book or while cooking some meals, playing sex, even you would like to get completed your daily house hold task, while you are doing Indian Yoga or dancing like nobody is watching : )

A Kickstarter project UBI (always-on smart ubiquitous voice prompted and voice activated computer gadget) is here, @ $219 little gadget could serve all or many of your household daily needs so you do not seek a servant or a staff, this virtual secretary will listen and obey your commands without asking a question and always will be on the time, on the dot,

Use UBI for hands-free programming experience for your emails, cooking, switch a light, listening an ebook on an audio mode, doing Google or Facebook while reading your favorite book, voice memos etc. and many more, and yeah, this Ubi can also monitor other Ubis in your house : ) it is really that smart and intelligent little robot which enables you lead a truly Hands-free life!
UBI, voice command virtual assistant
UBI, voice command virtual assistant robot


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