How to Expand Battery, Memory, Flash..add extra features to iPhone?

At a glance: iExpander, a smart case for iPhone that expands battery life, a micros SD card and an updated flash for camera.

iPhone 5 is one of the most addictive, exciting iPhone of the year yet. Apple had released the latest version of the iPhone in certain parts of the world. Everyone wants to get their hands on this cult device.

And why not, iPhone 5 truly deserves to be a next generation phone with ultra slimmer gorgeous look and of course, with all its latest updated specs and features.  But there are some of the main criticisms of the device still remain underneath.

There are many iPhone users that usually came across with the problem of low battery and the battery life is actually a center of attention. The users also would like the addition of micro SD card in the device.

Want to captivate the most beautiful; tranquil rays of sunrise as it happen by your iPhone, oh… realized that the flash light is too low to load an image? 

Do not worry much, now there is a clever product in the pipeline called the iPhone iExpander that will offer twice the battery life, a micro SD card for additional storage and an improved flash for the camera.

Check out the real scene over here

Chicago based, Charlie Corry has designed this amazing iExpander product, a device that boost the current specifications of Apple’s iPhone 5, 4S.

Just a thought, usually we never know what an idea would strike in one’s brilliant, intelligent super fast brain. Rather, the end result is quite positive and utile. Charlie Corry and his team are behind the scene of iExpander and as it was a Kick starter project, 

For those who really feel that there is something missing in iPhone 5 features, iExpander is the answer for them. As the name implies, iExpander is a Kick starter project and aims to add more exciting features to iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4.

Let’s have a look on iExpander in brief

The iExpander is a protective case as well as an expansion device for iPhone. It features as extra battery that doubles the iPhone’s battery life and also comes with special circuitry that increases the power to the devices LEDs which in return extends the flash light for capturing good images.

The product also comes with a micro-SD card slot that will permit the users to expand their iPhone memory up to 64 GB. Thus, movies, songs, spreadsheets or any other kind of files that the iPhone supports can be obtainable with just a single click.

Another cool feature of the iExpander is that it will also add protective cover to your iPhone that is manufactured from graphite reinforced nylon which is strong and flexible.

There is only one drawback with the thickness of 6.3 millimeters. Yes, the iExpander case tends to look the iPhone slightly bulkier.

 Apple team with its very inventions had made this new ultra slimmer look of iPhone 5, but the thickness of iExpander  should not matter at all when you get a bigger battery, good LED flash and micro SD card support.

But no need to worry as this is just a prototype; the retail product will be strong, flexible and will be in appealing look.

The case will be compatible for iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and the new iPhone 5 too!

Let us wait and watch till the iExpander hits the tech market!


Get Viber VoIP app for Nokia, Samsung Bada, make free calls to anywhere in the world

Viber, the most popular, widely liked mobile VoIP-HD calling app has already grounded its roots in and around 200 + countries and is all set to take the disruptive telephony world at new heights and new experiences.


The innovative app has been designed that allows its users to make calls and send texts to anywhere in the world for Free. You can make the calls and send messages all over the globe with one who had already downloaded Viber on their smart phones.

Currently, Viber had conquered Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows Phone, iPhone/ iPhone 4 and is now moving speedily in bringing its free calls platform to Symbian and Bada handsets (Nokia Lumia etc. and Samsung Bada).

The modern disruptive telephony world is consistently progressing in its field for the advancement of common people by taking care of their needs and necessities.

Viber is already available in Android, Apple iOS and is popular worldwide among its users and now Viber Team has announced it reach for Nokia and Samsung Bada users too.

Viber VoIP for Nokia and Samsung Bada

Well, the Viber will be now available for Nokia and Samsung Bada,

Viber team is proud for its free instant messaging and calling for the Symbian and Bada handsets all over the world.

The contact numbers, who already have Viber installed, is automatically identified by Viber and you just have to click the number and start talking or messaging anywhere, anytime. No need to search for usernames or sending invitations. Just enjoy a hassle-free chat all the way along!

With Viber you can:

            Send and receive free texts and picture messages along with location sharing.
            Send group messages with up to 15 friends.
            It supports 3G and Wi-Fi service.
            No registration or password or invitation required to get connected.
            It is synchronous with exiting contact list of Samsung Bada and Nokia.

Viber is really good to use with all its free services as well as excellent 24 x 7 customer service.
Shoot the breeze or send messages locally or throughout the world as much as you can for Free!


AT&T Real-Time; Auto-SMS Translation Transmission App

A real-time, automatic SMS translation app by AT&T to connect and converse socially with NO barrier of language at all!

In this high paced, progressive age there are no limits or barriers left for communication or conversations. Due to rapid enhancement in the digital technology world, peoples all over the globe are reducing the communication gap between them.

…Communication sans borders with no Language block at all!

The world is getting closer with each passing day, many a times there is a need to communicate with a person who is unknown of our language, but do not worry much because soon you will be able to talk or chat with a friend who is unknown of your language, how?

The mobile carrier AT&T is taking some tests on app that allow the users to send and receive text messages that are automatically translated from one language to another.

Check the real idea here…

Though communication these days is instant, though the communication gap has been reduced with boost in tech field, still I find language separates us. To get victory over this, the masterminds at AT&T are continuously experimenting on a service that automatically restates the text messages written in different language.

For enjoying this application, all you have to do is just to register your phone number with desired language. When a text message or SMS is sent on that number in different language, the text message or SMS is automatically translated before hitting to the related person’s mobile.

The service is network based means you will not require to install any special software on the phones to get started with the service and also works on any cell phone.

This revolutionary, introductory service was demonstrated by Mazin Gilbert, Vice President for intelligent systems research at AT&T labs in Palo Alto, California.

He stated, “If my friend sends me a message in Spanish, then AT&T recognizes the language and translates it to English. Then I can send back in English, and it is translated into Spanish for her. We can go back and forth and have a conversation – we’re trying to break down language barriers between people.”

To start with this service, there is no download or installation of any additional software or no change from an existing service at all.

For the time being, the service only works between Spanish and English. AT&T is working on adding the service to six other languages.

When hit in the tech market, this service could be widely get popular as business becomes more global and communities more diverse. It could be a striking hit among the Spanish speakers in U.S.

Also the service could be preferably helpful for the business tycoons who work with contacts abroad.

Best wishes to AT&T from our team :)

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Calling Hungry Phones for Free & Unlimited via LocalPhone

Well, this is the LocalPhone, once again, another free promo, another free calling international destination, another week of free calls to land line phones and unlimited calling this time is to landlocked nation Hungary in the Europe!

If you have any contacts in Hungary, Europe, you can call them for free and unlimited using your any mobile, land line or any tablet etc, over internet, VoIP, 3G, 4G, WIFI, local number calling etc. there are various means to call anywhere absolutely free,

free calls, Denmark

-Try 5 minute free calling to anywhere in the world, better than Skype VoIP,
-or Make unlimited free calls to land line phones in Hungary,
-after end of free promo or at any time, if you buy minimum $1 calling credit (no expiry ever), you will get many benefits like one of the most low cost calling in the world on the Go,
-They are honest and there is a money back guarantee, no fine prints,
-No contract, no service charge, no commitment, pay as you go calling, try for free,

Cheap international calls with Localphone
Call Budapest or anywhere in Hungary landline phones for free now!

Free International calls to phones in Hungary
Free International calls to phones in Hungary

Hungarian Parliament Building
Image courtesy:

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Get a Biscotti TV Cam/Phone and make free video chat via big screens

Easy conference video calling LIVE from a bed room to board room to TV, to  iPad, to Android and so on...

Connection and communication with your family and friends is easier than ever before with Biscotti TV Phone!

This is the perfect time to say goodbye to small screens, software and face cams and turn your High-Definition TV into a large, easy to use video phone with Biscotti TV Phone.

The physical distances are seemed to be surpassing with the new digital and disruptive tech evolution in the tech world. The world of science-tech is indeed furnished with new apps and gadgets that are beyond the cognitive faculties of an ordinary human beings.

Video Chatting and Video Conferencing has become like one of the daily needs. We always love and moreover eager to meet our near, dear ones’ or our friends who lives apart from us. Live Video chatting in real-time, face-to-face has proved to be a better, easiest way to get connected with them.

Today Skype is one of the most popular VoIP technology used for communication, but the hunger of inventing something new, better than Skype didn't allowed the masterminds to stop till here and thus, Biscotti TV came into existence.

Biscotti TV Phone: Check the real deal here

Do you have a big, beautiful high-definition (HD) TV in you sitting room? Then why still make video calls using the small screens of computers?

Biscotti TV Phone for free video calling
Biscotti TV Phone for free video calling
Just log-on with your Biscotti TV Cam and enjoy the whole new experience of video chatting!

Biscotti TV Phone has opened up a new experience of video chatting. It is a very effective way of getting connected that requires no computers, no monthly fees and no software installation with just small setups to get done.

If you are a non-tech person, yet you can use every features of Biscotti TV easily. It aims to be a video conferencing solution that anyone can set up and use with complete ease.

As the name implies, Biscotti TV just look like an Italian cookies and is developed by Biscotti Company in 2008. It is very sleek, elegant and small in looks and comes with a super-simple remote control.

Free calls to anyone, anywhere with Google Talk

An interesting thing is you can make a free call to other Biscotti and anyone with free Google Talk on their TV’s, Smart cell phones and also on Apple iPhone, iPad or on Android too!

It just takes some minutes to turn your HDTV into a Biscotti TV Cam. Attach your Biscotti in between your TV and Set-Top, connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network and invite your family and friends into your living room!

Have a quick look on the features of Biscotti TV

You can make FREE video calls to anyone from any TV on any device.

The High Definition camera (720 P) and microphone captures the whole room so that every one is easily included in the conversations.

You are able to talk face-to-face with your friends as though you are sitting in the same room.
Stay connected with your family wherever they are from your living room.

You can still receive calls while watching TV.

It is always ready so you don’t have to schedule calls or wait for your computer to start.

No computer or Phone is required, if you have a Wi-Fi and an HDTV, you are ready to start a voice chat session.

Turn your TV into high definition video phone and enjoy chatting with your loved ones anytime!


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How to get Free 3G Mobile Broadband in UK for iPad & Laptops?

Get your Free 3G Mobile Broadband Internet connection in UK now!

After it is the free 4G give away in USA, this the turn of UK guys to get free 3G mobile broadband, but how, read below ...

What you have to do is, buy a SIM card or a dongle from SAMBA MOBILE, and get started for a free 3G connectivity (Samba’s 3G service gives speed up to 7.2MB/second) in UK (Europe), at the point of access, 


This is not the WIFI service but a real 3G data plan for your smart gadgets, mobiles and tablets! SAMBA with mobile operator Network 3, is providing you the free 3G access in UK,

 FYI: the Samba Mobile is giving away, free 3G mobile broadband internet in exchange for watching video adverts, with a Spanish start-up Yuilop, Yuilop gives away the free VoIP calls and SMS to its customers over Android and Apple iOS apps, they have tied up in an exclusive and strategic partnership and will co-promote each other’s user bases!

 Modes operand i is simple and nice, simply watch some videos ads / content from the brands that you love to earn free data. Not a bad deal, after all the free lunch is a misconception? and you have to ‘toil’ a little to ‘earn’ the freebies!

 The free data credits do not holds any expiry, and if you seek something quick than go for the 30-day bundles, which can be purchased for some British Pounds : )


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How to make Facetime Video calls on cellular networks? iOS 6 allows this!

If you are a video calling freak on cell phones and smart digital tablets, iPad and also an Apple gadget lover, then here it presents a Facetime video calling service on various cellular networks on the go!

FYI: Till now the Apple Inc. allows Facetime video calls only over WIFI, but as iOS 6 arrives, the unlimited free Facetime video calls will also be available on various cellular networks like 3G, 4G, LTE etc. apart of WIFI networks ... so you could be in two places at once, face-to-face-in-real-time-global-telepresence ...

World’s most prominent network carrier, Verizon Wireless & AT&T are happy to offer free Facetime video calling service on all mobile networks.

Apple with the groundbreaking technology of its anticipated device of the year iPhone 5, the company predicted a latest version, till date, of the operating system (iOS 6).

The iOS 6 includes approx. 200 new and exciting, amazing features like Facebook integration, an endued Siri voice assistant and the most lovingly, it will able to conduct Facetime video calls over all the cellular networks.

 Facetime video conferencing over cellular networks is coming on iOS 6!
How to make free Facetime-Apple video calls over cellular networks?
Can I make free Facetime-Apple video calls over cellular networks like AT&T, Verizon etc.?

The iOS 6 will help its users to place a Facetime calls over a cellular network.

Till now, Apple allows Facetime video calls only on Wi-Fi, but as the iOS 6 hit the tech market, the unlimited free Facetime video conferencing will also be available on various cellular networks.

Apple also said that this feature will be available only for iPhone 4S and the most recent iPad users.

Also Apple has incorporated users' phone numbers with its Apple ID so that, the users can make a Facetime Video call on iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Verizon Wireless, AT&T etc., one of the nation’s largest carriers also confirmed that it will provide all the facilities of the Facetime video calling service to its subscribers without any additional cost.

Verizon Wireless states,
         “Customers purchasing iPhone 5 will also want to purchase a Share Everything Plan beginning at $40 monthly access and $50 monthly account access that includes unlimited voice, unlimited text, picture and video messaging, and a data plan that can be shared with up to 10 devices on a single account. And, customers wanting to use Facetime on their iPhone 5 can do so using any Verizon Wireless data plan allowance”. 
Apple's iOS 6 reads as:
"FaceTime now works over cellular networks as well as Wi-Fi, so you can make and receive FaceTime calls wherever you happen to be. You can even make and receive FaceTime calls on your iPad using your phone number. That means you can use FaceTime wherever you are, on any device. And never miss another wink, smile, air kiss, or eye roll."

Facetime Video calling, look who’s at the other end?

Facetime video conferencing service is now active over various cellular networks with the launch of iOS 6 version. Thus, you can now able to make receive Facetime calls with someone who is far away from you, wherever you happen to be.

Face time video calling is simple on the move. It requires a Face-time enabled devices for caller and the recipient at the other end and a Wi-Fi connection.

As it is on cellular networks, it requires iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 or a third generation iPad with the cellular data capability.

FYI: Data charges and availability of cellular network depends on your telecom carrier policies.

Facetime video conferencing has opened a whole new world of fantasy. Make unlimited, free video chat with just a single click wherever you are, on any device.

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How to get your Tweets crawled & indexed by Google, Bing for SEO and Organic traffic?

Use to get optimized your Twitter, the best way to share your Tweets!

We know and use Twitter is a virtual world’s # hash tag online social communication tool, which is changing the real world scenes very rapidly,

You can rely on your Twitter page or your time line or can design your Tweets whole page on your own branded domain, but we know all of  the Tweets go astray very rapidly in the Twitter eco-sphere, now we can get benefitted of SEO for our Tweets to fetch more organic search engine traffic and increase the sales, page rank, social bookmarks, decrease the Alexa rank or a greater presence of Google’s targeted traffic on your web property,

Your Tweets will display all along on your own custom domain or on a sub-domain of their pages, and your Twitter account will remain as such, with no distraction at all with the difference that now onward your all Tweets are open to get crawled and indexed by Google and other search engines which will bring more targeted organic traffic of your Tweets thus to your web pages or affiliate links,

talkfree7 Twylah Fan Page

The most useful and widely use communication solution the Twitter of our times will bring lots of sales / traffic to your blog or web property without any extra efforts by using,

How to get indexed and crawled your Twitter Tweets?
How to get indexed and crawled your Twitter Tweets?
To get started at Twitter SEO or you should have:
  • A Twitter handle,
  • Your Twitter handle should NOT be a protected account,
  • You have more than 100 tweets. Or when you reach 100+ tweets, you may apply than,
  • Your tweets should be English. Though currently they support some non-English languages too, but non-English could delay a while for them to send you your debut page.
What they say about their service: 
"Twylah gives you ownership and control over your Twitter content, traffic and monetization. Fully automated, Twylah creates a SEO and consumer-friendly website out of your tweets - all you need to do is tweet."
Power Tweets is a great feature here – it is creating like the landing pages you’re your individual tweets – which surely will increase the engagement of your web audience and SEO efforts > ultimately more usefulness and stickiness to your web sites!

This is something really the 'disrupting web 2.0 tool which belongs to the communication niche and which well communicates with humans as well as Google Bots : ) Keep it up!


Thanksgiving-Turkey-Free Calls to US Cells & Landlines from anywhere in the world!

On the account of Thanksgiving in the USA, using Localphone you can greet on phone yours for free from anywhere in the world to your US friends and contacts on their cell phone or land line over 3G, 4G, local number dialing or WIFI, you have only to pay the 3G or WIFI charges, if any, to your local telecom operator, and no charges are there to make unlimited free international calls which will terminate to the USA!

You can initiate a free US/abroad call from any phone, old or new, landline or smart cell phone, iPad or Android tablet or a PDA which supports calling!

No fine prints, even you can make 5 minutes test call to anywhere in the world, just login with your Facebook account and get set go in just 1 minute,

free calls, Thanksgiving, Localphone
Make Free International calls on/from cell phones, land lines and iPad - tablets:

Cheap international calls with Localphonebackpackers, cheap international calls, Localphone

To exploit full potential we recommend, later when you are satisfied, buy some calling credits (as low as $1) to make free overseas calls on go at very cheap rates,

Bookmark and share this post everywhere for the benefit of all, enjoy the ThanksgivingTurkey!



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